Monday, April 28, 2014

Health is wealth

After 1 month of using Benzyl Peroxide in the morning and Adapalene at night time and there was no significant improvement to my acne, I decided to abide to my mum's request to see a dermatologist when I was home last week. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical since I thought I already used a topical retinoid which is one of the final line of acne treatment and thus what else the dermatologist could do for me.
My prescription
So I am back with 5 different things to apply on my face: 1 facial wash, 2 creams to apply in the morning, and 2 creams to apply in the evening. On top of that, I am given 1 month of Doxycycline. According to the doctor, my acne has some inflammation which means P. acnes bacteria are also playing a role. I am reluctant to take oral antibiotic but I guess I really have no choice. I was also advised to wash my face 3 times a day as my face is super duper oily.

I have been teasing my elder sister for applying so many different creams and cosmetics and now I receive the karma. My morning and evening rituals have to accommodate this "make-up" session now. After a week, the big pimples are gone but there are still a lot of the small pimples.. Haiz.. perhaps I am getting way too impatient.

Although applying things on the face and antibiotic sounds very simple, it also comes with side effects. Firstly, I always have this funny taste in my mouth in the morning. I initially thought doxycycline causes some taste alteration although I was unsure since it is not something that I would counsel my patients on. I realise that that weird taste is because some of the cream goes to my lips and my mouth.. Yucks!! Antibiotics typically cause diarrhea but I had bad diarrhea with doxycycline. It was so bad that despite still passing motion everyday, my shit became as hard as clay. On Friday, I had to manually do rectal evacuation with my finger (yaiiks!!!). Thank goodness I did not force myself because I think I would end up tearing my asshole now. 3 days after and I can still my asshole sore bleah.. I 'overdose' myself with milk and even take probiotics over the weekend to help me shit. Sigh.. Never once in my life I thought that shit can be giving such a huge problem. Of course the most unthinkable thing is to do a rectal evacuation on my own!

Okay enough of the yucky part.. Sorry about that. Haha.. Ultimately it makes me realise that good health is the most important thing. Of course bountiful wealth on top of good health will make an awesome combination.

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