Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome the Year of the Wood Horse

Spring is here and it is Chinese New Year again! With all the bad images from the PRCs, I prefer to call it Lunar New Year nowadays. I am not a fan of celebrating this except for the 2 days holiday. Unfortunately, as the second day falls on a Saturday which is considered one of my working days, I am cheated half a day!

As usual, I went to my aunt's place for the Eve dinner. I was amazed with how little food that I could stomach now. I could literally count the number of wanton (2 pieces), sausages (2 pieces), meat balls (3 pieces), tofu (2 pieces) that I ate. Previous years, I could eat much more than that! I did not even have space left for the beef :( Not sure if I took too much tidbits while waiting for dinner! It is depressing that I eat so little nowadays and yet I am so fat. I stayed until past 2am to chit chat with my aunt and my cousin. Well, she drove me home so I could stay so late. I knew that the consequence would be feeling lethargic for the whole of Friday.

On Friday, I went to meet another cousin who was here from Indonesia for a holiday. I had to collect some documents for my PR application from her. It was quite interesting to go out during first day of Chinese New Year. I never did so for the past 11 years of my stay here as I expect that shops would be closed and everywhere would be like a dead town. Surprisingly, only the road and the MRT were emptier than usual. There was no difference with the passengers on the bus. Lol.. Despite most shops closed, Orchard was still crowded and business went on as usual at MBS. Haha.. 

Anyway, my cousin brought along her kids aka my niece and nephew. I find it cute and amazing at the same time that my nephew was so friendly to me. The last time I met him, he was still a baby so I am sure he will not remember me. But yesterday, he would hold my hand as we walked. Haha.. I find it quite weird and akward to hold a child's hand. Lol.. I do love kids for their innocence. Before I said bye bye, he even asked "Will you come again tomorrow?". Aww... my heart melted!! Unfortunately, the answer was no because I wanted to rest and hibernate today.

Talking about fat, CNY basically ruins all my hardwork for the past 1 month. When I weighed myself in Pontianak, I was 65kg. I was literally shocked with this new record! Not to mention the pimple breakout on my face. So yeah, no more fast food, bubble tea, potato chips, Starbucks/Coffee Beans, etc. So far only the fast food was a success. I had not bought any bubble tea in Singapore but I had one when I went back to Jakarta last week. Sharetea had stock for cream cheese these time so I tried the beverage with that which I could not try on December. Unfortunately for Starbucks and Coffee Beans, it was a failure. When I met a friend to return his comics in early January, we settled at Coffee Beans when we were tired. While waiting for my flight last week, I also had a coffee at Starbucks. Yesterday, my dinner with my cousin as in Coffee Beans again! I am not tempted for potato chips yet so far but when my cousin took out her Pringles on Thursday, I gave in to the temptation and took it as one of the CNY tidbits. Lol..

The Year of Wood Horse is apparently a good one for me. Many feng shui masters say the same thing for my sign: plenty of money making opportunities, success in career, increased luck, and a good time for finding a soulmate. Unfortunately, looking at my situation, despite all the favourable stars, I don't think I will get anything. I am a paid salary man so I have no money making opportunities except for salary which I don't expect to increase much. In addition, I am too young and a promotion will be to early. Thus, I don't think there will be an extra money. For the increased luck, I don't mind trying to fill in and participate in lucky draws etc. Haha.. My wishful thinking is always to win a million dollar and get my own house. Haiz.. So emo just to think about moving house. Girlfriend, or wife, is still too far-fetched for me. I don't even have a good social life that will open up the chance for me in getting to know girls!! Haiz.. I don't know what social opportunities will open up for me sia.. Honestly, I will be happy to even have friends to be able to spend weekend playing games or sports together.

All the tiredness from the CNY Eve still lingers so I just want to rest and have a peaceful year a head. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and wealthy year ahead. Let's gallop away on the Wood Horse!

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