Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tired but happy

My aunt, cousin, and sister just completed their visit to Singapore. They were coming because my aunt went for her last post-surgery check up. Looks like now she is confident with her knee and she will not have any reason to visit Singapore again in the near future. It has been very tiring for me as I went to accompany them after work. I usually do not want to "waste" my leave to go out with them on weekdays but perhaps I am really in an emo mood recently that I took half a day leave on Friday to go out with them.

After the talk on Wednesday, I forced myself to meet my aunt to pass over her SGD that she gave to me previously. It was quite a wasted trip because on the next day, almost all the money was returned to me. Haha.. To help me earn points, I will offer to pay for her shopping with my credit card and she would return me the cash. On Saturday, I was accompanying my sister to buy things for my mum and dad and hence I missed another chance to get more points with my credit card!!

Only on Saturday that my sister mentioned that my dad was looking for a horse figurine. I thought he was looking for a Wind Horse figurine as according to Lillian Too's horoscope book for 2014, it will be good to have that figurine to improve luck and wealth this year. I told her that I passed by a cart selling feng shui horses at Harbour Front Center when I went to deposit money in the bank on Friday. If she mentioned it previously, we would not need to make another trip there! That cart is selling a Bejewelled Wind Horse figurine for $88. The auntie could speak English but I disliked the way she spoke to me. Yes people judged people from the outward appearances. I was only wearing t-shirt and bermuda which made me look like a school boy with no money. We passed by another shop which was also selling at $88 but the pushy woman said she would give a discount till $69. We took note of the scratches at the "gem" so I was not very keen. My sister seemed to reluctant because the woman was irritatingly pushy as well but I kept telling her that we should check Bugis out too.

Guess what, in Bugis we found it for $58 only nia!! Lol.. In the end, my dad bought the Kubera riding a Wind Horse for $100. It is considered King of horses and hence "more powerful" than Wind Horse alone. Haha.. I was the one that ended up with the Wind Horse :) I am quite crazy about figurines sia.. Haha.. I was also looking for that one but when I went to Bugis last month, I could not find any. I also bought a Bejewelled White Elephant. Wind Horse is more for windfall luck while the White Elephant is more for success in work and career. Well, not sure how true they are but just for fun, when asked whether I wanted to buy both, I jokingly asked how much discount they would give me. I spent $100 for both. I think the shop has to thank the overpriced shops at Harbour Front that made me did not really bat an eye when I knew this Bugis shop was selling almost half price. See how if my luck will be much better this year.
Bejewelled White Elephant.
A website recommends not to have this in bedroom without saying why. But I only have a room here leh :(
Bejewelled Wind Horse
A disclaimer: I am still a Catholic so ultimately I still believe in Jesus. I am not worshiping other things. I don't really "believe" but if these figurines really help to improve chi energy and feng shui etc, why not? Haha.. My dad and sister often tease me to get citrine to attract luck. Money is not an issue but I dislike yellow. Everytime I go to a gemstone shop, I always change my mind because I don't think I will like to wear yellow citrine bracelet. But I like figurine so I don't mind displaying them. They have the same purpose anyway. Moving to the figures, the saddle can be removed to reveal a compartment. I don't have Chinese old coins or ingots so I put my citrine tumbled stones instead. Beneath the horse, there is an opening to put a paper with my wish on it. Hmm.. not sure if I should put as I will be embarrassed if someone sees my wish. Lol.

I was thinking of using their hotel breakfast coupon this morning. But because I felt tired, I decided not to. Sadly, despite my tiredness, the first thing that I remembered when I reached home last night was that I forgot to pass over my father's original documents of name changes that I borrowed for my PR application! Sian.. Perhaps that is God's way to force me to wake up early and attend 7am mass again today. Lol. I had the free breakfast at Tung Lok Restaurant at Orchard Parade Hotel. The choice of food was rather limited and I only had limited time before my aunt had to go to airport so I did not really enjoy. Well, the bacon+chicken sausage+scrambled egg+hash brown did make my stomach full until dinner time. We were quite lucky to get a taxi which has boot completely empty and could fit 5 luggages. Initially I thought one of the luggage had to be placed on the front seat and I did not need to go to the airport. Yay! Since the front seat was empty, I went lor. I was very tired and despite my effort not to fall asleep, I was quite embarrassed to keep leaning on the guy next to me. Lucky only my arm was against his arm and not my head on his shoulder like what happened to one girl who fell asleep and kept leaning her head against my shoulder when I was still in JC. Lol.

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