Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I went to NUS LT 31 to attend a HMDP talk and it was a trip down the memory lane. Upon arrival, I felt kinda awkward and old to return to NUS with office attire. Aaah.. I missed attending lectures (late) just wearing free NUS T-shirts, bermudas, and sandals. But as I was walking back to Kent Ridge MRT station after the talk, I was suddenly swept by emotion and felt nostalgic about NUS. 

Without realising it, NUS actually has a special place in my memory. I suddenly remembered the times I went back from school back to PGP on foot at night, be it after CCA, after mugging or printing something in library, after mugging at the canteen, etc. The toilet at level 2 of the Science Admin building also reminded me of my emo FYP times. That level was the link to the building where my FYP lab was located. I did not notice a lot of changes other than the plants on the road outside LT 27 which basically prevent students from jaywalking! There are a lot of changes in front of NUH but as it was already night, I could not explore what the new buildings are.

For the past 10+ years of my stay here, I spent:
~2 years in CJC Hostel (with Orchard, Bugis, and Toa Payoh as my main playgrounds)
~2 years in Victoria Hall (with East Coast Park, Siglap, Changi Airport, Marine Parade, and Suntec City as my main playgrounds)
~2 months in Sembawang Hills Drive (hmm.. a middle of nowhere near Ang Mo Kio and Upper Thomson)
~3 months in Sembawang (with Sun Plaza as my main playground)
~6 months in Toa Payoh
~2 years and 3 months at my current place (Upper Thomson near Shunfu) before moving on in 3 weeks time T_T

No wonder why NUS is so special to me as I spent a very very long time there. Aaaah~~~

By the way, when I left my office, I bumped into a drug rep who happened to be going to NUH to pick up her husband. She offered me a ride and with thick skin I just said "Of course! Thank you very much". Haha.. Some of my colleagues who were also going home saw me on the car so it will be quite embarrassing tomorrow. But oh well.. Haha.. 

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