Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lucky Starbucks :)

I went to Starbucks last week to try their Chestnut Macchiato before it is removed from the menu. I think it should be removed anytime soon after CNY. When the receipt was printed, I was 'chosen' to give a feedback online and as will receive a code for a free tall drink as a thank you. Yay!!! Lucky!! Perhaps all the feng shui thingy for this Year of the Wood Horse is true since the prediction is for me to be luckier this year. Haha.. Okay I know it sounds very childish of me to be so happy over a free drink but for someone who hardly wins any lucky draw, it really made me happy. For the past 26 years of my life, I have only won 2 lucky draws: 1 in my JC days when I supposedly won a soap (but it was mixed up with an mp4 player) and 1 last year when I won 2 Gold Class movie tickets from my credit card purchase.

I over-napped, rather than overslept, last night from 9pm till 430am. Haha.. Thus I decided to go for 7am mass rather than continue sleeping and go for the later ones. With 9am and 1100am plans to go mass are usually disrupted by my sleep and the 530pm disrupted by my laziness, attending 7am one seems to be a viable alternative. Lol.

After mass, I went to redeem my free Starbucks drink. I also ordered their egg white+mushroom+cheddar wrap for breakfast. I usually don't order food from Starbucks so in the end, because of the free drink, I spent money on them too. Lol.. Anyway I ordered food so that I could use my card in the hope that the free drink will be counted as a purchase for my card. Cheapskate me. Hahaha...
Time to payback my sleep now..

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