Friday, February 14, 2014

Loser's Valentine

No chocolate.. No flowers.. Pay for own meals.. Someone else's girlfriend..

That is a summary of my 2014 Valentine's Day. To complete everything, the dinner was actually initiated by the girl!! Yeap.. I am such a loser. This was the 2nd time that a girl asked me to accompany her for dinner and to set the record, I have never asked a girl out for Valentine's Day. Lol. It's funny how I don't want to ask someone for Valentine's Day dinner as I did not want to send wrong signals. However, when a girl ask, I don't feel any signals whatsoever and I am just accompanying a friend.

This friend is a close friend of mine since my junior high school days in Jakarta. Wow.. that is almost 15 years ago. She went to Busan (South Korea) to study and work for a few years and she hosted me when I visited South Korea a few years ago. Her boyfriend is a Korean and I asked permission from him to go out with her hor... Hahaha...

Anyway, I don't know how my future will be. I am so uninterested in having a relationship right now as I am still super narcissistic and think that I only care about myself. I want my house, I want my toys, and I want to spend my free time lazing and sleeping around. Perhaps after having a house, I will then start finding the right girl for me. Of course the big question is, where can I find this girl in the first place when my social circle is so limited? :(

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