Friday, February 21, 2014

Disappointed with Amiami and Square Enix.

I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy and has been collecting a lot of Square Enix merchandises mostly from their Final Fantasy Play Arts and Trading Arts Kai Mini. I even own 2 Squall Final Fantasy Dissidia Play Arts Kai figures to have one at home in Jakarta and one with me here. Everything is positive when all is well but true tests of greatness are in times of adversity. Disappointingly, my Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini: Ace came with manufacturing defects! Fuck!

I tried e-mailing them for possible parts replacement. There are 4 addresses listed at the back of the box and since I am not in US, Euro, or Hong Kong, I sent to the most generic email which is meant for their Japanese support. They just replied me with questions where I made my purchase and where my location was. After I provided them with more details, I received no more replies until I sent them repeated email. The answer I received was: we only provide support to Japanese customers. What the fuck! Then why the heck are they even selling these things internationally?

Never mind, I tried Hong Kong support then. It was actually answered by the same Japanese branch! Jeez. Seriously why the fuck list so many emails when ultimately only support for Japan is provided! I asked them if international shipping is their concern, they can ship it to my Japanese address. Again.. No fucking reply.

Okay, enough expletives for the goddamn manufacturer. I bought it from Amiami and this shop turns to be a bigger fucker. There are a lot of hate for Amiami with their policies as they don't allow cancellation of pre-order (no big deal for me as I don't pre-order things I don't like) and they ban people sharing the same address (yes! there are cases where family members or friends sharing the same address get banned!). I am fine with them so far until this last straw that broke the camel's back.

They only offered me a 200 JPY refund for such a huge defect. Oh please.. I know it is not Amiami's fault for manufacturing defect but they should have offered help with replacements. They expected me to pay for return shipping. Go eat shit man! Looks like Square Enix did contact them as Amiami told me not to email manufacturers directly as it will put them in trouble. I was like o_0 what the fuck? Are they selling things illegally? I am emailing the manufacturer directly because you are not providing any help for your customers at all!

Amiami is the cheapest among other Japanese online shops and that is why it USED to be my number 1 choice. However, after comparing their policy with CDJapan or Hobby Link Japan, I finally decided that I will avoid Amiami from now on. HLJ would pay for return shipping and would arrange for replacement in case of manufacturing defects. Even if there are missing parts, they will try to contact the manufacturer's replacement. Even CDJapan which is quite crazy with their overpriced shipping fee will pay for return shipping for for manufacturing defects. I guess for expensive items, it is really not worth it to buy from Amiami since their policy just sucks.

Not to mention that my Figuarts Zero: Kagami that I bought from Amiami arrived opened and resealed. The top flap had the "dent" which means that it had been opened previously. I emailed them about it and there was no reply. I decided not to pursue that further because it was very minor. Sigh..

Anyway, the 200 JPY refund that I accepted was also given in the form of Amiami store credits. Not only they fucked me up with their lousy support, they want to fuck me up further by forcing to purchase from them again -__-. I know that Amiami has a lot of spies on the net so even if they read this and decide to ban me, I don't really care. I just hope that this will help to damage their reputation and prevent new buyers from using them.

Looks like to patronise local shops will be the best choice. I believe they will allow a one-to-one exchange for manufacturing defects and shipping will not be an issue as I can bring the item back to the shop.

I don't mean to bash Amiami and Square Enix but this is an honest post from an absolutely disappointed ex-fan of Amiami and Square Enix.

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