Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boring update

It seems that my job scope nowadays has changed to only signing invoices and scolding people. I am so tired doing this everyday. I cannot understand how people can be so shameless and irresponsible at work. People need money and hence they work. No matter what they have to spend 7.5 hours daily at work a day so why don't they make use of the time to do their best! Why must they try to cheat and make the 7.5 hours so torturing for everyone. Haiz.. Anyway, life can be very ironic. When I was younger, I used to tease my parents by saying that when I grow up, I want to be a boss like my dad. A boss' life is so good: only need to sign papers and scold people everyday. Guess what, I am not a boss yet but I am doing all of these things!! Ironic right?

Yesterday we had staff dinner and my ex-boss was also invited. She commented how my face was so disastrous. Sigh.. I thought my pimples breakout since November last year was caused by my incessant junk food and potato chips intake. Since I went home for Christmas holiday, I have been avoiding these rubbish but there was not much difference to my complexion. The 'old' pimples are sort of healing but new pimples are still breaking out. I really think stress is the main culprit but the ultimate question is how I can get rid of these pimples sia..

One of my classmate has left the company. She will be going to Australia for further studies. Huhuhu T_T I am so jealous!! We are in the same workgroup and I will definitely be missing her from my team. I also wish that I can continue with further studies but every plan is awaiting the outcome of my PR application. I went to submit the additional documentation requested today and I really hope they will let me know whatever the outcome be as soon as possible so that I can make plans for the future.

Even blogging is no longer enjoyable for me. I am perpetually feeling tired and I don't think I have a lot of interesting things to write as job is very boring. I have been buying too many toys and there are so many toys that I want to buy that writing about toys is no longer possible. Haha.. I have so many backlog of toys to show off here leh!! So stressed thinking about how I am going to transport them safely to my new place and how I am going to fit them into my room :(

Anyway, I am quite proud that I successfully went for mass last Sunday. That was my first one in 2014! Wow.. yeah.. I am the prodigal son. I went for a blood donation today and my eyes went big when I saw my queue number: 6066.. Hmm.. it is clearly a sign that I am a fake follower of Christ lor.. Hahaha... In the midst of my 'busyness' at home, I am toggling between Samurai Troopers and Saint Seiya Poseidon Arc. My Gokusen Season 3 progress was also stuck midway. Ckckck... I don't know since when my life becomes so lifeless sia..

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