Friday, November 29, 2013

Diaconate Ordination

Yesterday was a special day. Time surely flies. The 2 seminarians which were in the same group as me when I went for World Youth Day in Sydney in 2008 were finally ordained as deacons yesterday. It was my first time attending such mass so it was rather an eye opener.

I had a bad day at work and stayed back late to send e-mails about possible complaints. I thought that I would definitely be late for mass. By God's grace, I arrived only a few minutes late and the mass was still at the opening hymn. Being late is late and most of the seats were already filled, even on the second floor. I just followed directions from the wardens and I ended up seating at an empty row behind 4.5 rows reserved for priests!! Gosh.. It was really a pressure. I felt like a devil in the midst of holy men of God. Not to mention that I was wearing dark-coloured shirt to contrast with their white robes. I started to feel more comfortable when more late comers came in the I had more people seated at the same row as me. Haha..

It was quite an intense experience to see so many priests together under one roof. Or if I want to exaggerate it: to see the priests from whole Singapore (and some from Malaysia) together. It must be a wonderful view to see all of them stand behind the altar during the Liturgy of Eucharist.

There was an embarrassing moment during the incensing before the Liturgy of Eucharist. Usually after incensing of the altar and the people on the altar is done, the congregation is also incensed and usually they start from the left side of the altar. When the priests stood up, some of us also followed them. I think it was obvious who never attend this kind of mass! Lol.. The priests should be incensed first before the rest of the congregation. Super paiseh can... Haha..

Anyway, congratulations and God bless to the 2 Brothers. I am not sure if I can still call them Brothers or I should call them Deacons or Fathers now. Haha.. Their Sacerdoctal Ordination will be on the 1st January 2014 (what an auspicious day!) but unfortunately I will still be in Indonesia and I will not be able to attend. I really want to attend because it will be my first time to witness such event :(

Yesterday was also the first time I heard from the new Archbishop. I found him quite cool that when he uses different tones of voice when he reads from the books and when he speaks his own opinions. He is also quite funny with his jokes, especially when he addressed the parents of the 2 new Deacons: you gave up your sons to the Church and now God returns them as servants; you can't order around your sons but now as servants, you can order them around.

Oooh and after the mass, I shook hands with the Archbishop!! What a privilege and I hope some of his faith  and love of God is transferred to me.

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