Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Change of plan

Oh my gosh.. my aunt really went back to the same restaurant for the 3rd time in less than a week! My godsister was able to come this time so one more stomach to help wiping out $200+ worth of food to get $100 off. Lol. She recently had a trip to Japan and she brought me back some souvenirs: Bandai's pamphlet on the latest Gundam models and Gundam chopsticks! They are not big gifts but they really made me so happy, especially the chopsticks. I don't know that such thing exists in the first place. Not Wing but I can make do with Freedom lor. Hehe.. 

Listening to her experience really tempts me to go Japan even more. My sister also wants to go but I swear never to go travelling with her anymore. I prefer going with friends with similar interests. I hear stories that once you enter an anime shop, it will be like very difficult to get out. Haha.. Sounds like a bad place. I can imagine myself running out of money and out of idea on how to fit my loots into my luggage. Well.. someday.. I hope I will ever find a girlfriend who also loves Japan and has anime/game related hobbies too. Hehe..

Talking about these things never fail to make me emo. I am expecting Kotobukiya ArtFX J: Keigo Atobe, Bandai Figuarts figures of Kuroko-Kagami-Kise, and Free! Illustration book. I really have no idea where I am going to store them :( I can't even decide on which things I want to bring home in 2 weeks time leh.. Sad.. 

Yesterday I spoke to my superior and I guess my ideal plan of robbing company's money to fund my further studies before jumping ship is out of the window now. The managerial courses are only for the people up there while I am not keen on doing clinical course if I have to run clinics eventually. My passion is not there. Anyway, I get the confirmation that they just need "further educated" people for the clinics while idiots are enough to run operations. Okay.. fine.. I am considering to a part-time master course in NUS now. It will be related to industry settings so I guess that gives me some diversity in terms of where I can go in the future.

I am planning to enroll latest by January 2015. The issue is the cost. I am not too sure if there is any funding for a part-time course. I need at least 30k (3000 per module and I need to read 10 modules) :( I can afford it myself but my heart just aches seeing my savings being wiped out that much. Haiz.. At this stage, I actually don't mind staying where I am. I will wait until appraisal next year to see whether the company has any plan to accomodate my "talent". Otherwise, I just do what I want. Eventually I just need a higher degree and then I will pursue my dream of teaching.

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