Sunday, November 17, 2013

Capcom Girls Collection: Street Fighter II - Chun Li resin statue by Yamato

Chun Li is the very first female character that I ever "fall in love with" when I started playing games as a kid. Well, perhaps not only being the first female character, but also the very first game character that I like. I used to love Street Fighter as a kid but suprisingly, other than Ryu, Chun Li, and Blanka figurines that I used to play as a kid, I never own any other Street Fighter merchandises.

I find it amazing that before this, I never own any Chun Li action figures. The common issue with Chun Li is that manufacturer often exaggerates her thigh due to her famous for her Hyakuretsukyaku kick. She is commonly depicted in a kicking pose which makes her prone to "leaning" issues as she is supported on a leg. Ultimately, I was in a dilemma between Chun Li Pop Culture Shock figure by Sideshow Collectibles and this resin statue by Yamato. Not really keen on PVC figures if there are resin statues of Chun Li. I thought I could tolerate the eye problems of the Pop Culture Shock figure but the moment I read a review that she may have leaning issues, I decided not to get it and settled for Yamato instead.

This statue by Yamato was released in September 2005. Based on the official info, it is mentioned to be of scale 1/6 at 9.85" tall. My measurement 29.5cm tall inclusive the 2.8cm thick base. Nothing is fanciful about the base and I am quite surprised that the base feels heavier than Chun Li herself. She comes in a 21cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 35cm (H) box. Not a fan of the box as it just shows the figure from various angle and there is too much blue. Lol.
Front view of the packaging box
Side views of the packaging box
Back view
Top view. The sculptor is Yoshizawa Mitsumasa who is also known as REFLECT.
It is somewhat "boring" as Chun Li is just posing rather than kicking. Ironic isn't it? I don't want the lean problem but I want her kicking pose. Lol. The good thing is that her thighs are not exaggerated and she looks feminine without being over-sexualised here. Her face looks unusual here because she looks Chinese. While it may suit her background, I think I am more used to seeing her in Japanese or Caucasian face. The expression looks good with her looking sweet but threatening at the same time. One thing I hate is her skin tone. She is too pale or perhaps putting too much powder. And I will definitely prefer her in blue rather than light blue costume. Oh ya, her spike bracelets are not "glued" to the wrists so they are still moveable i.e can slide a long her forearms.
The statue and the packaging box
Not much of a close up
The boring base
Unfortunately, the figure is not in perfect condition. I think that it has been stored too long it is sort of "sticking" to the styrofoam and when I removed the figure out, some of the paint remained on the styrofoam. Haiz.. Emo.. For these paint issues, I was compensated USD 30 so I actually paid USD 120 + 15 for the shipping. I think I rather have a perfect figure of her :'(

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