Saturday, November 2, 2013

Book spree

Work is getting more like a burden with the error. I am personally getting scared. It was really close one. I can't imagine what will happen to me if the 84 year old lady really took more than 3x prescribed of the prescribed dose of metformin. Maybe I will be in jail right now.

My Paypal claim is also still giving me headache. I managed to give them a call to ask them to use common sense whether I really have to send back the broken porcelain. They wanted me to lodge a police report -_- There was no crime in the first place how on earth I can report to police.. Basically they want a 3rd party documentation as a proof that the item is really broken and cannot be shipped. The problem is: the item is still in America. I am crossing my finger for the last resort whether comgateway is able to help me for the police report or USPS report. I emailed USPS but not sure if I will get a reply.

I was amazed with myself that I still could be bothered about All Saints' Day mass yesterday. Anyway in the end I still slept halfway through the homily. I felt like a devil in church. I am angry and cursing God for all my predicaments :( Ya I am someone with poor faith.. I get angry immediately at God when things go wrong. On the bright side, I should be thankful that the error did not cause any harm. But on the other side, I felt that if God were with me, the error should not happen in the first place! And honestly, where is His aid for my money and broken figurine? I did not have any ill intentions to cheat whatsoever so why do all this bad luck befall me? Sian..

Hurray for Kinokuniya 20% discount!! Wanted to buy Dark Reign thanks to the Marvel Puzzle Quest game I am currently playing in Android but I could not find it. In the end, I bought Siege. Have been interested in that because it is in hardcover and the book is thick. The main story only consists of 4 volumes. Surprisingly, I find it very intense, engaging, and not so much of a rush. On the negative side, I am expecting more action from the Asgard warriors which is not the case. A bit disappointed on this account but overall I don't regret buying.
I also bought Takehiko Inoue Illustration book for Slam Dunk. When I first arrived, I saw there were 2 books and I was thinking of coming back on another day to get. Despite all the rave reviews, I am not a fan of Slam Dunk. The art style is just not my type. That is why the illustration book is always on my waiting list. Haha.. But when I returned, 1 was gone! That made up my mind to get it. Haha.. Anyway I kinda enjoyed the illustrations book as there are a lot of drawings which I have not seen before.. Or perhaps it is because I don't quite remember the manga.
Another interesting thing, the cashier was actually a fan of Slam Dunk too and started a conversation about it as I was making the payment. Haha.. Told her I prefer Harlem Beat lol. She asked me if I liked Kuroko no Basuke haha.. I told her no comment about that as I have not read it yet. My friend was jealous and said I was flirting with her. Lol.. She started first lor.. Anyway it was quite fun to have a small chat lol.

With giving free shipping for purchase above USD 125, there is less reason for me to buy Western book in Kinokuniya. Even with the 20% sale, it is still much more expensive. Kino should really consider revising their pricing sia.. Otherwise they would not be able to compete with Amazon. However, I doubt Kino will run out of business as Japanese books are not that easy to get online. And looking at the crazy queue yesterday, I doubt they will run out of business. At most, just losing some sale from me.

I was interested in Street Fighter Classic Volume 1: Hadoken which is basically a comic bundle of Street Fighter manga. It was about $85 in Kinokuniya while Amazon is selling it for USD 37+ only.. -__- Same thing for Zelda Hyrule Historia which is close to $60 in Kinokuniya while it is only USD 20.99 in Amazon. Sigh..

My gamble to get Free! TV animation book did not pay off. Haha.. Could not wait for the sale because when I bought it, I saw only 3 left. Yesterday, there was a huge pile of it. Damn!! $3 gone!! Lol..
Tomorrow I will be back to get the official fanbook. Did not see it yesterday but on Kino website, it is listed as in stock but there is no map location.. Hmm.. Haven't finished the anime so I really cannot comment on it. Haha.. I think it is more for the female but I don't care! Never watch any swimming anime before and it is only 12 episodes anyway haha..

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