Sunday, November 10, 2013

After the error, everything that can go wrong in my life seems to be going wrong too. I am so moody and furious at work because people are not being effective. I have no time to do work and have to burn midnight oil to complete. I was in a perpetually black face and just my bad luck that mystery shopper audit also happened on the same week. Frankly, I did not remember serving any "suspicious" character or answering "suspicious" phone call. Thus, if I was being audited, my guess is the auditor observing me and that is not good. I can imagine the audit report comes as: the male staff was noted to be constantly agitated and perpetually having black face which got blacker as he called subsequent numbers. Sigh.. From black face I will have no face if the audit failed because of me! After telling people not to make error, I myself made an error. After telling people to smile etc, I myself caused the branch to fail audit.

My biggest nightmare becomes a reality. In a few months time, I have to move house again. Oh God :'( I had a bad feeling when my friend told me that my current landlord is actually renting the house I am currently staying in. The owner is going to sell the house so my landlord will return to his own flat. The good news is they still have a room to rent out so at least I don't need to think about find new place. The bad news is there is no way an HDB room will be able to accomodate all my items. For the past 2 years, I have bought so many toys that I will end up sleeping on my boxes if I have to return to an HDB.

I am very very emo. I am trying to sell the toys I no longer want to no avail. Gone are the days where I can beautifully display and enjoy my toys. I have to start thinking about how to bring some of these home.. And perhaps to bring them back when I own my personal home here. Looks like I may have to go home frequently on the weekend to transfer my toys :'( But then, I still have quite a lot of things being pre-ordered with November-January delivery. God help me!!

Kinda sad when your things control your life isn't it? But seriously, what's the point of having money, buying things, going overseas, etc when you don't even have a roof above your head and a place you can call home?

I know it is impossible but currently my prayer is for the owner to cancel the selling house plan :( At least continue to rent it for another 5 years leh T_T

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