Monday, October 28, 2013

Personal emo day

28 October has always been my personal emo day because 11 years ago, my parents shipped me away from home and sold me away for free education in Singapore. It is especially emo this year because of my broken Aladdin figurine and there is a risk of me losing the money as well. To top it off, I am very very sick.

I have been having this cough for almost 1 week now. There is phlegm which is very difficult to cough out. Not sure if there is really phlegm but the cough is getting "deeper" as if the phlegm is lodged deep within my lungs. The phlegm is minimal and surprisingly the color is still milky white-pale yellow. I am pretty sure this is cause by the same bug which affected my boss before her departure. Haha.. the symptoms are the same!

I took DMP + bromhexine throughout the weekend and there was not much improvement. I even decided to use salbutamol inhaler which I bought for standby due to haze a few months back! Also did not help :( Today I started on Clarithromycin and I bought Fluimucil to replace bromhexine. Initially Clarithromycin suprisingly also provided some symptom relief lol. However now the cough is back :( After all of these medication, perhaps what I really need is an MC to take care of everything.

Now I know that Clarithromycin which I keep is yellow in color and from now on I will advise people to take it with food. I took it on empty stomach and I felt the churning. On the brighter side, it sorts of distracted me from my chest discomfort. I also learn that Fluimucil tablet is rather small and is white in colour. Nothing fantastic about the taste. Haha.. Most importantly, I experienced first hand how to use metered dose inhaler haha.. I have no issue with gas coming out of my mouth. But I can taste the medicine on my tongue! That means the medicine does not reach my lungs :(

Totally unrelated by here is Sexy Zone's 5th single:

Can't find it on Youtube, Youku, Yinyuetai, etc but surprisingly I can embed it from facebook. The title is バィバィDuバィ〜See you again〜 or Bye Bye Dubai ~See you again~. It is a double A side single with A My Girl Friend as the other single which does not really sound gramatically correct. Surprisingly, the single is another no. 1 in the chart. I don't really like the Dubai song and I totally hate the PV. I always dislike PV which is shot against blue screen and then they insert whatever background they want. Unlike Real Sexy PV which is still rather cool and has a story, this Dubai PV is entirely pointless. They even try to fake the flying sand with white fog and digital white sparkles. Jeez.. And the clothes... ew.. nothing related to the Middle East at all.. Well, I will suprised if J-Pop PV actually makes any sense.

Anyway, I like the other single (A My Girl Friend) better and I enjoy Shori, Kento, and Fuma solo songs too. Hmm..

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