Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lousy shit

Sianz.. my bad luck and emo days continue. Just discovered a dispensing error today and as expected, I was somehow involved in it. Sigh.. I knew in late August and early September, I was not in top condition and got the gut feeling that somehow an error will occur. But I have not known the details yet and I don't know if it happened during this time frame!

I am very upset with the checker and dispenser! Why did they not do their job more carefully! Haiz.. But ultimately, I am most upset and angry with myself! How can I let such thing happen :( I always thought that I am already very careful in everything I do. I do more slowly as I tried to check things twice. If that is not enough, what else must I do? Haiz..

I always tell people: "Don't worry. You handle so many prescriptions in a day, a week, a month, etc. Sooner or later there will definitely be an error somewhere. Just make sure to be more careful next time." Bla bla bla.. But I am very hard towards myself :( I don't think it is acceptable. I want a clean sheet in my career. I have no face and reputation already. Not only I am a pharmacist, I am also in charge of medication safety at my branch. And yet I myself caused this. Fuck! Embarassing as shit!

My cough is not getting better even after 2 days MC and Procodin. I thought yesterday Procodin was working great. It knocked me out throughout the day. Today I am still coughing despite having taken it.

Sian.. I just want to die.. Don't wanna work and face people anymore. Embarassing!! Shameful!

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