Friday, October 11, 2013

Harmony Kingdom Disney: Snow White

Snow White is the fourth figurine from Harmony Kingdom Disney series which was released in 1999 with original retail price of USD 95. Similar to Pooh and Friends, Snow White is also created by artist Theresa Miller and is made in England. The edition size is rather high at 3882. The box measures 5.5" in diameter and 6.5" in height, which is rather big considering the figure is only about 3.39" x 3.35" x 3.86" in size.

The figurine arrived undamaged and it came with Certificate of Authenticity and Harmony Kingdom mini booklet. The Certificate of Authenticity was rather disappointing: just a piece of paper with no serial number whatsoever. Now I wonder how my resource gets the information regarding the edition size.

The figure depicts Snow White, at the centre, being surrounded by the 7 dwarfs. It is a rather simple design but perfectly captures the essence of the title of the cartoon: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Similar to Pooh and Friends, I hate the rather lacklustre color. The sculpt for the dwarfs is great. Honestly I don't remember the names but from the expressions, I can more or less guess the names. Unfortunately, the star i.e Snow White, has a very chubby face here. Wow.. To be honest, I hate Snow White the most among all the Disney Princesses but this figurine really made her damn fat and ugly! Sigh!
 The front and back views

Disney logo and a random animal. Is it a rabbit?
Let's get to the 7 dwarfs. Honestly, I have difficulty differentiating between Sneezy and Happy. I even tried to google but the poor color of the figurine just makes it impossible. Haiz.. I think Happy should have bigger tummy and that's how I finally went on with my guess here. Lol.
Sneezy, Dopey
Doc, Sleepy and 2 random animals
Happy, Grumpy, Bashful
You've got to agree that she looks terribly chubby here right?
The figurine is split nicely into two parts
Harmony Kingdom Logo underneath Snow White
No surprise that the surprise is the poisonous apple :)
Kinda nice that the the base looks like a sunflower with the dwarves' feet
Again, I think I should not complain because I got a full refund for this. But I don't think I will spend money on this even if I like Snow White. The dwarfs look great here but I hate that chubby Snow White :(

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