Thursday, October 17, 2013

Harmony Kingdom Disney: Pinocchio's Great Adventure

Pinocchio's Great Adventure is the fifth figurine released from Harmony Kingdom Disney created by Robert King. It was released in 1999 with retail price of USD 75 and limited edition size of 3461. I find it peculiar that the preceding figurine (Snow White) -which was released in the same year- was made in England while Pinocchio has the honor to begin the trend of "Made in China" figurines :( The 4.01" x 1.81" x 3.54" figurine comes in a 5.05" (L) x 4.95" (W) x 4.9" (H) box.

Honestly, I am clueless about Pinocchio as I never watched the cartoon. I only know that he is a wooden doll created by Geppetto, he has Jiminy Cricket as companion, his nose will grow longer every time he lies, and his greatest adventure was being swallowed by Monstro the whale. I can't recognise the characters featured here and although they are sculpted beautifully, I have little sense of attachment to them. In addition, the figurine I got had a little chip on the head of the fish and missing green cloth at the base. Bleah..
No Certificate of Authenticity and Harmony Kingdom insert
Pinocchio, Geppetto, and Figaro
Blue Fairy who granted Pinocchio life
Alexander -the naughty boy who is turned into a donkey in Pleasure Island-
Initially I thought this is a rabbit! Lol..
Gideon -Honest John's partner in crime-
One of the antagonists: J. Worthington Foulfellow a.k.a Honest John
Wtf -__-"
Geppetto's pet fish, Cleo, and it's chipped head
Black spots :(
And the surprise is JIMINY CRICKET!! How can we forget about him when we talk about Pinocchio??
Considering the other Harmony Kingdom figurines has green velvety cloth covering the base, I think it is missing from this figurine!
At least this figurine forced me to find out more about Pinocchio to get information about the characters which I did not know. On top of that, I sort of know the story of the cartoon too. Hehe..

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