Sunday, October 13, 2013

Harmony Kingdom Disney: Lion King's Pride Rock

I am not a fan of Lion King but Lion King certainly has a special place in my heart and my childhood. After all, Lion King toys from Burger King are the very first thing that my family collected. While I was the one most eager for that, my sisters and my mum supported me and we displayed the full set on my mum's room. After renovation, I wonder where these toys are. Not sure if my mum just kept them somewhere of she threw them away. Sigh..

Anyway, apologies for the digress. This piece is the one catching my attention to the set of 6 which was put on sale. My heart broke when I found that the piece was broken to several small pieces during shipping. Some of the pieces were too small for me to stick them back while some, like the parts of Pumbaa, were totally missing. Haiz.. really sad.

Moving on to the figurine itself, it was released in 1998 and it was still made in England. Yay! The artist behind this masterpiece is Robert King and definitely I love his style much more than Theresa Miller. King used plenty of colors which made the figurine vibrant and alive as compared to Theresa Miller's rather lethargic and lacklustre colors. King also brought forward the unique personalities of each character and that is really a brilliant job! Thank goodness Group Hug was also made by this great guy. Haha.. The edition size was 5300 and its retail price was USD 95. The figurine measures 4.25" x 4.17" x 3.98". Hmm.. it seems that the pieces are getting bigger and better which is actually a good thing. Surprisingly, the cylinder packaging is smaller than Fabulous Five Out For A Drive at 5.6" diameter and 6.5" tall.
The only one out of 6 with a CoA in a perfect condition
Amazing, isn't it? All the main characters (except one, guss who?) are in!
Not only that, we even have the Hyenas at the back!!
Disney logo
Strong and powerful Mufasa
Calm and motherly Sarabi. Love the way she leans on Mufasa
Rafiki (my favourite!) looking rather young here :p
Young Nala..can't really tell that her ear was broken and glued back
Playful and naughty Young Simba
Cunning Scar is lurking
Timon or Pumbaa.. or rather Pumbaa and Timon
The only "miss" for this figurine as Timon does not look like this in the cartoon!
Can't be bothered to google the hyenas' names. Haha.. Evil faces..
That's the best I can do with the broken pieces :(
Wow.. Simba tree carving as the surprise.. Nice one!
The base
It was absolutely a bummer to have this in imperfect condition. And although I would like to rate this 10/10, I can't. Why? Because ZAZU IS MISSING!! Sigh.. How can Zazu be missed out :( I thought he would be inside as the surprise leh T_T

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