Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bye bye boss :(

I shall take a break from posting about toys for awhile since it has been quite a few posts since my most recent rants about relapse. My relapse continued on :p With a combination of fatigue and bad weather, I have not been exercising :( Add on uncontrolled diet and snacking and there goes my diet. Not to mention that my honey diet does not seem to yield the good result I expected initially. Sigh..

I just had a company retreat today and yes it is a Sunday :( That makes me "work" for a consecutive 12 days. Sigh.. Sian.. Tired.. The most saddening thing is that my boss is transferred to another branch :( She is such a great leader and boss and it is really sad to see her go. Yesterday was her last day and I was her partner for Saturday duty. Every time someone went home and bid her farewell, I felt like crying. Ironic isn't it? It is not as if I am the one getting transferred :(

With her transfer, I am officially the second most "senior" staff and I dislike it. I think it is a sign that I just can't be bothered about work. Normally, people will feel that this is like an opportunity for them to progress in their career. I don't want to take more responsibility or rather, I am not ready for more responsibility as I am still learning and there are still tonnes of things which I don't know. If people ask questions or ask me to face FONs, I will still face difficulties. And ultimately, I am still a junior staff after all and no matter how much or how well I do things, my performance bonus will also be on the "small fry" scale so why should I work hard? Instead of feeling excited, I am feeling very worried about what tomorrow and the future will hold :(

My colleagues and I prepared a surprise for her today during the company retreat: a rather large gift hamper and a huge thank you card. Our aim was to make it "BIG" enough that other people would realise that we don't want her to go. We did not get what we wanted :( She happened to carry a large bag which is huge enough to put our big card and hamper in!! Awww...

Our plan to treat her for dinner also failed since she ended up paying for us.. Oh noo... Haha.. We had dinner at Tanuki at Orchard Central. It was quite expensive and I thought the food was only above average. I ordered Salmon Mentaiko Don which was rather small for $20. I also did not enjoy Trio Carpaccio which is basically salmon-tuna-swordfish sashimi. The salmon still had the silvery part which I hate. No complaints about tuna but I just don't like the swordfish. Another one that we ordered was fried oyster wrapped in bacon with mayo and/or wasabi dip and this was awesome.

We continued with dessert at Seventh Heaven and I returned to earth 2kg heavier. Lol. I ordered a chocolate mudpie coated with chocolate, topped with chocolate sauce, embedded with marshmallow, and had chocolate brownie as the base. It was damn huge!! The height was as tall as my Galaxy Note and it was thick. Lucky it was mostly ice cream and not brownie. Haha.. I managed to finish it except for the chocolate coat. My other 3 colleagues ordered a 12-scoop menu and they were quite terrible. The ice cream was melting halfway and we could not finish it because it became too yucky. The ice cream scoops were not fantastic to be honest so I don't think this place will last considering that it is located in the low-traffic shopping mall as well. However, I have to mention something interesting in their menu: $66.70 for 30 scoops of ice cream!! And if you can finish it in 25 minutes, you can have it for free XD

A brand new start tomorrow.. Dear God please bless me although I did not go to church this weekend :(

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