Saturday, October 26, 2013

Broken pieces

Call me unlucky.. The last 3 figurines I ordered arrived broken or in imperfect conditions. Haiz.. Perhaps it is a heavenly sign that I should be wasting my money.
Lucky it is not a significant part of the figurine :(
Although the break is clean, after I glued them back together, the end result is still not smooth and it is obvious that there was a damage. Sigh.. To make this more upsetting, it is a super rare piece as it bears the sculptor's signature at the base. I got a full refund on this so at least that alleviates the pain a little bit :(
Paint scratches

I have been eyeing for this figurine for more than a year hoping for the price to drop to no avail. Found this at 25% less than the usual prices I saw so I grabbed it. I gotta be thankful that the item arrived in once piece. However, it looks like the figurine is kept in the box for so long that when I took out the figurine, some of the paint came off and was stuck to the styrofoam. There are some scratch marks on the base too. Seller offered 20% off the price I initially paid so it was not too shabby.
R.I.P Aladdin
And this is the worst. Have been seeing this for USD 199 so I was so happy that I got one for USD 100 inclusive shipping. Unfortunately, it arrived broken beyond my wildest imagination. Considering the fragile nature of the item, I assumed that this would be shipped with insurance. It was NOT! Sigh.. Currently it is still being stuck at comgateway warehouse. I am very upset with them :( They informed me about this 3 days after item arrival. In addition, they only provided me with one bad quality picture. It took me another day to give me this picture. They should be experience in this kind of thing and should know that in case of damage, they should provide the pictures of the broken items as well as external and internal packaging.

No matter what, ultimately it is my mistake for assuming that seller would insure this. The seller offered me USD 70 partial refund or full refund if I were to ship back. I guess no matter what I would be losing USD 30 and no item. Sigh.. Not sure if I should open a case with eBay and hope that they do not ask me to return this damaged item. What's the point of returning this as if the seller still can make any use from this? Asking me to return is simply like punishing me and asking me to pay.

Sigh.. I thought alcohol would be good to drown away my sorrow and make me forget about all these things.. I am half-drunk but I still feel bad :(

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