Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another crazy dream!

It is amazing to see what human brain is capable of doing even when the human is in deep slumber. I just had another bizarre dream last night and it was even weirder because it was totally unrelated to my state of mind. I would not be surprised if I dream of something which has been bugging my mind lately or of something stimulating (be it in a positive or negative way) which I just watch, read, or listen before I go to bed.

Well the dream began with me going to check-in to a hotel. On the other side of the reception desk, I recognised Nakajima Kento and Sato Shori. I approached them and asked them if I recognised them correctly as members of Sexy Zone. They did not expect to be recognised and were telling each other "Eh how come someone is able to recognise us!". Haha.. Since they wanted to keep it secretive, I asked them whether I could take pictures together and got their autograph later night and they agreed.

Before going out to the city, they disguised themselves with dark sunglasses and unusual hairstyles so that nobody else would recognise them. And somehow the other 3 members also appeared. Due to the heat, somehow their disguise sort of melted and crazy fangirls started to recognise them. We (yes, I had no idea how I ended up with them) decided to split and escaped. I flagged a taxi and boarded together with 1 member which I could not recall who. Somehow the scene changed to my main street outside my home in Jakarta and I asked the taxi driver to turn left towards my house. He refused and I remembered trying to strangle him (What??!!) and telling him "If you are trying to kidnap us, I will jump out of the taxi". I opened the taxi door and as I was contemplating whether to jump (and kill myself) or not, my alarm clock rang!! Darn!! Just right on the exciting part!! Haha.. So yeah, in the end I did not get any photos and autograph of them. Lol.

I am aware that Sexy Zone is going to release their 5th single on 9th October. However, I am not too excited about it and the last time I listened to the song was like 2 days ago. No idea why suddenly they invaded my dream last night. Anyway, here is the song preview, or rather the full song, before the copyright cops take it down!

Well since we are at the topic of J-Pop, I might as well visit AKB48 which I no longer feel excited about after a string of boring and sound-alike singles. Surprisingly, their singles are still constantly exceeding 1 million sales. Hmm hmm.. Perhaps it is only I who gets bored of them. Their latest single "Koi Suru Fortune Cookies" marks the departure of Mariko Shinoda and Tomomi Itano, the 2 members which I actually like. Sigh.. The song is quite average and the video clip is rather disappointing for AKB48 whose previous PVs are often over-the-toply cutesy etc. Many fans actually complain that there is less screen time for the members as compared to random faces of the public. Anyway the PV is shot in Fukuoka where Mariko Shinoda is from.

There is staff version too and the staff are more hilarious to watch than the random people on the street in the official PV!

At the same time, sister group JKT48 also released Indonesian version of the same song. Surprisingly, I find that this version sounds "brighter" and more energetic. It makes AKB48's version sounds lethargic! Anyway, it still does not make the song more appealing to me haha..

There was company's Active Day this afternoon and it was a rather waste of time. Other than mass exercise for 10 minutes, there was nothing else for us to do except for watching the people who were competing to complete the obstacle course. I think even for the competitors, it was rather passive -_- 10 push ups -> 10 sit-ups -> 10s planking -> 10 lunges -> 10 star jumps -> 10 burpees -> 50m (or less) sprint. That is for the "elite" category or those below 40 years old. For those above 40, make the "10"s to "5"s. Phew...

In the evening, I had a meet-up with my uni friends. It was the first time that we had full attendance!! Yay! We had a meating (meeting-and-eating) at Ssikek Korean BBQ in United Square. The place was crazily crowded. After eating, I was not surprised. I paid $28.30 and it was worth it with the amout of meat that I ate. My only complaint was that their drinks and salad dressings were too sweet for my taste!! Haha.. I am really jealous when I see people with smaller body size can eat much more than me. I am not jealous with the eating part but with the body part. Haha.. I control my diet (small servings of rice and eat vegetables for half of my meals) and I clock in at least 30 minutes of physical exercise (walking :p) daily but I am still getting fat. Haiz.. I wonder if it is something to do with too much sleep =x Anyway, it was a good place to eat. When we exited, our hair, skin, clothes, and even bags (!!) smelled like BBQ!! Haha.. Oh ya, and the Vienna seafood restaurant nearby smells and looks good too! Hehe..

And I received this very nice keychain from Malacca. A very apt message to read everytime I feel emo :(

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