Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Euro Trip Day 13: Leichendam, Leiden, Den Haag, Delft, Scheveningen Beach

All good things must come to the end and it was finally our last day of holidays. It was time to think about others and thus the main purpose for today was to get souvenirs. I sort of bought a few boxes of Chocolate at Vienna airport but I had not got inedible souvenirs for my friends and colleague. My dad was still looking for Dutch traditional shophouses miniature for his colleague. My mum was looking for sausages. My sister still needed chocolates for her collagues and of course her own shopping. It was another day when she became a pain in the arse, or perhaps an arsehole, as she still wanted to get a Kipling bag which we did not have the time.

Firstly, we went to a megamart (is it called Selegro?) for chocolates and sausages. We limit our time to 1 hour so that we still had time to look for other things. We were done in 45 minutes which was great. However, my dad was still unable to find something (a food which I can't remember what) so we went to another supermarket on the way home to put back our sausages first.

We then went to Leiden as my aunt would like to show my mum the traditional wet market ala Holland. Haha.. We also went to a bag shop and my sister was fighting over a bag with my mum. My mum would like to buy it as a gift for someone while my selfish sister wanted it for her own.. Zz.. Yes.. First time on the day I said: Do you believe when she said I was selfish in Paris? Look who is the selfish one now..

We happened to come across de Burcht which is sort of a disappointing mini castle. I did not expect that we would visit any other tourism areas so it was still a great pleasure to be able to take photos here. Hehe.. And the weather was great to be outside although with the dark clouds made lighting for pictures rather bad. The view surrounding the castle was in fact nicer than the view inside it. Lol.

We drove quite far for lunch because my dad wanted to eat this atrocious chinese restaurant which he heard from his colleagues. This time I would have agreed with my sister: it was damn ridiculous to waste time travelling that far to chase after a meal! I got pretty irritated because it was past 2pm and I still had not got my souvenirs yet!! It irritated me more when we went to De Bijenkorf department store on our way back to carpark. My mum wanted to buy some "slimming pants/stocking" sigh..

We reached Delft at 4pm and we gotta shop fast because shops would close pretty soon. I spent quite a lot for the souvenirs leh :( I wanted to get myself a figurine as a souvenir to remind me of the Netherlands but I could not decide. In the end, I bought Miffy plushie who is wearing Dutch soccer team attire. Not a figurine to display but at least it can play with Peter Pan, Mickey, Aladdin, and Jasmine :) In case you don't know what Miffy is, don't worry. I initially also did not know such thing exist if not because of my colleague during the Hello Kitty saga in Singapore. Miffy is basically a rabbit version of Hello Kitty. Or perhaps, it is more apt to call Hello Kitty as a cat version of Miffy because Miffy is 20 years older than Hello Kitty.
I did not expect that these kinds of souvenir shop could offer tax refund but unfortunately I only saw the tax refund sign after buying. It was obscured behind various dangling objects. It was too late to ask. And the shopkeeper was a bitch. Hey I knew you wanted to cheat money from tourists but even if we could not get the refund, you could say it nicely instead of nastily. What a bitch. My sister and I spent more than 100 Euros there.

From Delft, I thought we would be going home already. Then my aunt had this great idea to bring us to a beach!! Whee.. It was a cold day that day and the beach would be quite vacant. I knew it was quite crazy to go to a beach wearing a winter wear (including the scarf) but heck.. I always enjoyed touristy places. Haha.. We drove around den Haag passing by the various embassies, Peace Palace, and the millionaires' houses.
You won't believe that during the warmer days, cars will cause jam on all the roads going towards this beach

Before the end of the day, my aunt wanted to bring me to the traditional windmill near her place. Then suddenly my dad mentioned about dinner. Sigh.. Bye bye windmill as we ended up spending the evening having dinner. The Thai restaurant was superb though. The food was great and the toilet was even better than the toilets in the hotels which I stayed at during my trip. Haha.. There was one waiter-waitress pair who is a brother-sister from Malaysia. They were friendly as they did not really see Asians often, I guess.

And finally, the time we were all dreading came: packing time. In order not to share luggages with the rest, I decided to just alighted in Singapore ba. Hahaha..

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