Monday, September 2, 2013

Euro Trip Day 12: Dusseldorf

On the 12th day of my Euro Trip, we went shopping at Dusseldorf.. Okay that was a lame attempt to mimic Twelve Day of Christmas. Basically, my aunt drove us to Dusseldorf. We arrived at about 10+ and went to a pizzeria. The pizzeria has 2 entrance and thus 2 seating areas: 1 for dine in and 1 for take away. We were clueless but we entered via the take away entrance. After ordering, we just went to the empty area which happened to be the dine in. I thought it was rather rude to be told that we were seating at the wrong place. Apparently the price of the food would be different depending on whether we ate take away or dine in. Bleah.. Rude Italians.. It was clear that we were tourists and we were genuinely clueless so they could have told us nicely. In the end the owner said it was okay for us to sit there because we were tourists.. just for this one time we would not need to pay the "dine in" charge. Well, you can be assured that this would be my last time here too!

From there, we walked towards Rhine River. I loved the weather here!! It was windy but it was not as cold as in the Netherlands. Perfect weather! We made a stop at an ice cream store and although it was already quite cold, I still bought something green. The taste was rather unusual and I had no idea what taste. Haha..
Rhine River

We detoured and walked towards Konigsallee which is the shopping street with all the expensive boutiques. Yeah.. again I repeat this, just like Singapore's Orchard Road, Paris' Champ Elysees, or Vienna's Mariahilferstrasse. Of course it was the ladies who were so excited as they had lots of things to shop while I was spending money for toilet stops. The weather was so cool that I had to pee like once every 30 minutes. I was interested in green shirt for my work attire but unfortunately there was no size. Sigh.. I was bored to the point of falling asleep. In my boredom, I played with a display cheese grater. One detachable part was detached and I was quite shocked. In my attempt to prevent it from falling, I knocked the whole grater and it flew. I was watching it literally in slow motion as my sister was screaming my name.. Jeez -__-" Instead of screaming and attracting attention, if she could not help to catch it, the least she could do was to keep her mouth shut. Haha.. That was the skill I learnt in lab.. When something went terribly wrong, do not scream or shout haha.. Anyway, it did not break but it was still very embarassing haha..

I am not aware of the brand Mandarina Duck prior to this. And surprise, it is actually an Italian brand. Haha.. There was a luggage that I was interested in: it can be dragged like typical luggage and it can also be carried like a backpack. I was looking for something similar from Kipling but unfortunately the cabbage colour was from spring collection. It was almost autumn so of course there was no way I could get. Anyway I did not buy the Mandarina Duck luggage for a few reasons: 1) the bag is kinda heavy and I thought it would be quite impossible for me to carry it as a backpack 2) I already bought the Kipling luggage bag and 3) the colour is not green haha...

We were planning to go back since 5pm but in the end we still loitered around until close to 7pm. To make things worse, we sort of lost our way to get back to the car. Haha.. Anyway we ended at the canal at Konigsallee and while the rest were trying to figure out the way back, I took the opportunity to take a picture there. Haha..
Canal at Konigsallee
The picture looks rather akward because I cropped my body off haha..
We ended up having dinner at Maredo. We sort of had no idea about what to eat and I just suggested Maredo because along the way I saw a few Maredo restaurants so I thought it would not be bad. Well, it was pretty good, in fact, better than the Western food we ate in Vienna.

When we finished dinner, the area outside was already filled with dinner crowd with many were watching the football match. We seemed to be getting lost very often today as we were having problem going back to our car. The lift from where we exited the carpark was already closed!! The rain, the group of half-drunk youths, and the dog which suddenly barked at a stranger made the whole thing messier but fiuh.. finally we were back in our car.

Hmm.. not over yet.. we were having problems finding the way to exit the city too!! LMAO.. By the time we reached the halfway, it was already quite dark. My dad, mum, and sister fell asleep and I had to keep awake to talk to my aunt to keep her awake. The highway was really dark and with the rain, she could just easily fall asleep while driving, and that would be dangerous. Haha.. The moment my mum woke up, I was so happy because then it was my turn to rest. Haha..

Despite all of this, my feeling remains the same: I LOVE DUSSELDORF!! Haha..

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