Sunday, September 1, 2013

Euro Trip Day 11: Stranded at Vienna International Airport

Our flight back to the Netherlands was scheduled at about 12 noon and honestly I would like to rest and pack my stuff in the morning. My dad still wanted to go to Mariahilferstrasse for another round of shopping. Sigh.. From the night before, I already said that I did not want to go leh :(

Mariahilferstrasse is basically Viennese version of Singapore's Orchard Road or Paris' Champ Elysees. Nice to walk, nice to see, but nothing to buy for me. Of course my sister and my mum were the ones who did the shopping. It was the end of summer and most shops were already selling their autumn-winter clothes which are not very practical for me to buy and wear in the tropics. Of course there were some summer clothes on sale but male clothes were not exactly cheaper in Europe so I gave it a miss.

The only thing I was looking forward to was having Kebab. In the end, I had one near the West Bahnhof on our way back to the hotel. The Kebab was disappointing. Haiz..

The trip to the airport was slightly better than when we went to the hotel from the airport. We took a tram, instead of dragging our luggages, to West Bahnhof and then it was train all the way. Upon arrival, we sort of lost our way. I was quite pissed with my sister who walked in front. She did not see the board to see where our flight would be and we ended up in a wrong terminal. To make things worse, our flight was delayed to 330.

This time we took a budget airline (Transavia) and the check-in was at a budget terminal. Terrible experience. The check-in counter was not even open and the queue was snaking up to the entrance. And it was my dad's turn again to sulk. He insisted on cutting queue because the queue was rather messy. My sister and I refused and we stood behind people who were queueing for the same flight. We were pretty sure that that was the queue. Why risk getting scolded by strangers sia? And anyway, was there even a need to rush? We had more than 3 hours to kill because of the delayed flight!

I never had problem passing through security checks but I had to be groped in this airport! Jeez.. seriously I think something is wrong with the machine! Anyway, I don't know whether I should be upset about it or I should pity the security officers who had to grope strangers as part of their daily job. This time, it was my mum's turn to be ridiculous. The bus to bring us to the plane had not arrived at the gate yet and yet she wanted to start standing up and joining the queue. What's the rush -__-"

The flight was unremarkable. I forgave the delay because the cabin colour theme is green, my favourite colour. Haha.. And I find that the leg space was rather huge, unlike typical budget airlines which I took previously. My sister reminded me that this is a Western budget airline. Westerners have bigger build so what we Asians feel big may not be so for them. Haha.. She got a point.

We arrived at Rotterdam Airport which I thought looked better than Schiphol. Haha.. Upon arrival at my aunt's house, we just had dinner. The day coincided with Idul Fitri in Indonesia so my aunt actually prepared some Indonesian dishes on her own. For someone who is very picky about food, I would have to say that the food were SUPERB. No.. I am not trying to be curteous here.

If the flight was not delayed, we were planning to go to a luggage shop as I wanted to buy a green Kipling cabin bag. Again, thanks to my aunt who picked up the bag upon knowing our delayed flight. Yay!! I did not know that each gorilla has its own name. Mine is called Johnny. Lol..
The colour is called "cabbage green" Lol..

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