Sunday, September 29, 2013

Caffeine overload

I had 4 servings of Starbucks in less than 2 weeks! Wew!! I don't usually go to Starbucks unless they have new drinks. The current promotions (Salted Caramel Mocha and Ristretto Bianco) are not appealing to me as I am not a huge fan of coffee (I prefer tea or chocolate-based drinks). I was not even tempted to try.

I was very tired last last week when my aunt was here for her knee surgery. On the Thursday, she was waiting for a relative to come via ferry. The estimated arrival time was 8pm and I was told to just wait at the hotel rather than going to Harbour Front termina. No way that I was going to stay awake from 630-800pm so I thought I should get something from Starbucks to keep me awake. And just nice that the new promotion is coffee-based: it should keep me awake and I got to try a new flavour too. Hehe..

I tried iced salted caramel mocha and I love it. Lol!! Kinda rare for me to like a coffee-based drink. I was told that I had a free drink already. Wow.. Did not expect that I already had 12 beverages. Haha.. Since I ordered only the smallest size, I said no. Ooops..

On the Saturday, since I was with my sister, I thought that I should use the free beverage for a Venti-size hojicha tea latte. Oops so paiseh that actually it was also in the menu in Indonesia. I thought I wanted to get that for my sister to try. I purchased that at Tanglin Mall and after making payment, to my regret I saw that to celebrate the opening of Tanglin Mall branch, reloading $20 would get me a free drink! Damn it!! Haha..

Lucky the promotion was still going on up to today. I actually made use of it on Friday for dinner as well as for my mugging. And I specially made another trip this morning. Yea.. Cheapskate me!! Ohohoho...

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