Monday, July 22, 2013


On my way home on Saturday night, I decided to pay a visit to Takashimaya B2 Food Fair. Nothing caught my interest except for one stall near the entrance. There were a lot of people crowding around it, it had an exotic name which I never encountered before, it had colourful food stuff which a range of fanciful flavour, and there was a hammering sound. I found it intriguing as I could not tell whether the food was an ice cream or a cookie.

The name of the food is Schneeballen  which literally means "snowball". It originates from a city in Germany (Deutschland) called Rothenburg. Basically it is a cookie made into a "messy ball shape" with sugar or flavoured icing on the surface. I refer it as flour-ball actually. Each ball is about 8-9 cm in diameter. It is supposedly damn hard to bite and this is where the hammering comes in. You need to put the ball into a paper back and you hammer it till it breaks up to bite-sizes. 

Each ball is quite pricey at $6.90. There were some promotional prices if you buy in larger quantity. I bought 3 for $18 and they were packaged in a long metal tin cum coin bank. This metal tin supposedly worths $5. Unfortunately, there is no way I am going to keep it for long term as the inside has turned rather oily because of the balls. The flavours I bought were banana, cheese, and green tea. Since they did not hammer these balls for me, I "smashed" them against floor before eating. Lol. After smashing, they are not hard to bite. In fact, the hardness is comparable to typical cookies.

I ate the cheese flavoured snowball yesterday. Initially it was quite nice but towards the end, I found it too sweet. I ate the green tea flavoured snowball just now and it was rather disappointing. The coconut taste was too overpowering and I could hardly taste the green tea flavour. Coconut + green tea is a weird combination in the first place, isn't it? Haha.. I am saving my banana as the last for tomorrow. Lets see how it goes.

Anyway, the fact that I am bothered to write about these balls means that they are pretty good although I have to admit that its uniqueness was what drew my attention initially. But if you ask me to buy again with this kind of price: no way! Haha.. I am not a fan of sweet food and I think this is just like a fancy food that tourists eat when they are travelling. It is not something nice to be eaten everyday

On the left is the 30cm-high metal tin container cum coin bank and on the right is the full menu. Just click to see the larger version. They look like ice cream right??

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