Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Come on a my House

About 2 months ago, I posted a video of Hey! Say! JUMP performing a new song called Come on a my House in Shonen Club. I am not linking this post to the previous post as the video has been removed from Youtube due to copyright issue. Yes, Johnny's Entertainment and NHK are so anal for this kind of thing. Apparently, I was wrong to say the title is not grammatically corrent. In fact, there is another song with similar title "Come on-a My House" released in 1950s sung by Rosemary Clooney. I still don't quite get what "on-a" means anyway.

The song is chosen as a new single released on 26 June. Yay! It is another number 1 single so that's another yay! It has been quite sometime since HSJ released a single and it has been a looong time that they have a cutesy single and PV which I enjoy. Their most recent cute single prior to this is Magic Power which I don't particularly like as a song. The PV takes place in HSJ's house. Typical to an all-boys environment, the house is messy and they have to tidy things up because this "jumping girl" is coming over. I am sure the fangirls are going ga-ga over the prospect of seeing their idols' house. But I can tell you that based on my personal experience, guys' share house is definitely not a nice place to be in. Haha.. especially if the guys are messy and unhygienic.

Great acting from HSJ here, especially Yamada's expression when receiving the phone calls. I like the text bubbles which depict a story. The home clothes and pajamas are quite realistic and I find them better than the formal clothes they wear at the end of the PV when welcoming the girl. And it is definitely nice to have all 9 members get plenty of exposure here. Previously in SUPER DELICATE, Keito and Inoo only get like 5 seconds of air time each -_- But Keito seems like humming, rather than singing, in the PV. I know that in PV making, singers are always lip-synching but when audience watch the end product, we always want to see as if the singers are really singing mah. The dog is cute but I find its lack of response to be very irritating. Despite being cuddled, pet, etc, the dog remains emotionless and does not even look at the person holding it o_0

The house itself does not look realistic. It is just messy but it is not dirty. That is an impossible combination in real life. Haha.. How can things be messy but not dusty? And how can clean crockery being piled up on top of each other? Haha.. When I went to my friend's house, it is always a pile of dirty and unwashed plates, pots, etc. Complete with the smell and certain flying insects. Lol.. And as messy as we boys are, we certainly do not throw our clothes up to the windows ledge. Haha.. But overall, still a great and enjoyable PV. In fact, I was tempted to purchase the single because of the PV but unfortunately, the first press was already sold out. Not the best quality here but enjoy it before Johnny's claims for copyright infringement again.

I was pretty excited to read positive reviews on the other songs in the single. But I was disappointed. The other songs are just not my cup of tea I guess.

Some updates about AKB48, their latest single (which I thought was horrible) almost hit 2m in sales so it seems that their stars are still shining brightly. I am growing ambivalent towards them as I don't quite enjoy their last few consecutive singles. According to latest news, Mariko Shinoda is graduating from AKB48 in a month time. With her and Tomomi Itano leaving, I don't think there any other girls which I like. It is great to see Yuko Oshima and Minami Takahashi still around but they are not my favourites. They had their 5th election and surprisingly Yuko was not number 1. The number 1 is Rino Sashihara. I have no idea who she is. I googled her pictures and I really cannot recognise her face from previous PVs. So that was a bummer for me. Lets see how good or bad their next single is to decide whether I am still a fan of AKB48 fan :p

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