Thursday, July 18, 2013


It is another emotionally-charged week for me although sadly, there are more down moments than the up ones. Firstly, I lost the battle against the v(uck)POST. I finally got someone capable to give me an explanation. I really appreciated her effort to explain to me. The company is just too fucked up that further argument is simply wasting my breath.

Below is the summary of the explanation given to me and I do hope if people are reading this (or reading my post in the forum), they will think twice.. or rather they should ban.. vPOST altogether. vPOST has nobody to sort out mails so small items (weighing less than 2kg are dumped together in the same  shipment with items weighing 5kg and more). Not surprising that my items looked like they had been run over by a truck.. Ironically (I would say ridiculously), normal post (be it normal mail, registered mail, and of course EMS) is better than vPOST. Why? Because normal post is sorted based on the size and there is no way that small items will be damaged by large items in the same shipment. I also asked whether it made a difference if I insured my items and the answer was NO. Insurance claims will only be accepted if the package seems to be ripped open. Yes, even if the envelopes arrive torn, if the tears are not due to someone ripping it, insurance claim will be denied. I also asked what is regarded as "sufficient" packaging and for vPOST, a "sufficient" packaging is something which can withstand their lack of sorting. So what did I get in the end? (Useless) apologies, refund of shipping fee (a pathetic $30+ compared to $300 items), and 20% off for next shipment. Yeah, as if I am going to use this v(ucked-up)POST anymore in the future. Hell no!

My credit card bill was due on 15 July. I tried to make payment on Sunday and to my horror, I could not make a full payment because the total amount exceeded my debit card limit!! It was not because I spent a lot but it was because I set my own pathetic limit! Haha.. Kiasu just in case I lose my card ma.. Haha.. Anyway, the expense was a bit more than usual as I helped my family to purchase air tickets and train tickets for our trip to Europe. I paid the remainder on Monday. I was worried that I would be slapped with late payment fee and I sent an email. The reply freaked me out: it took 2 working days for payment via AXS machine to be processed. Die liao!! Not funny if I am fined $60 x 2 even though I paid on time.. I asked for waiver but the bank could not "waive" anything when there was nothing shown in my bills yet. I was asked to wait another 2 days. And hallelujah, my payment was not considered late!! Fiuuh...

I have less than 2 weeks to prepare for my trip and I am absolutely unprepared. I am glad that I did not think twice and immediately bought 1000 Euro and 300 Swiss Francs last week. I heard that Euro is getting more expensive this week. I thought I got the money matter done. Guess what: my dad psycho-ed me that 1000 Euro is not going to be enough -__- Sigh.. Should I change more??

I have borrowed some winter clothes from my aunt but I am still undecided with what to bring. Sigh.. Still waiting for that green pants from Uniqlo getting discounted also. I still have not purchased my tablet yet. And digital camera was giving me headache on Sunday. I was absolutely irritated with my sister over the weekend. Everything has its pros and cons. I don't need to hear what are the pros and cons of each camera that I suggested, what I needed was a decision on which model to buy! Jeez.. 

I had no issue with whatever model because I am a pretty good photographer. The issue is I can't take photos of myself. I wanted my sister to choose and try the cameras to find the one which suits her lousy photography skills. I need her skills to take good pictures of mine. Lol.. No point choosing the camera which can't withstand her shakiness and poor angles. Right till the end she could not make the decision so I made it. I bought Canon Powershot S110 from Harvey Norman on Sunday. The main reason was it was put on sale and it also came with lots of bonus. Just tried it yesterday and I am swooning over it. Hehe.. It beats any camera phone hands down!! Even when I switched off all light in my room, the pictures taken are still so bright. I hope it shows equally good results outdoor too.

And today was the mother of all emo-ness. I am absolutely disappointed with my pay rise of 3.6%. I think inflation rate is even higher than that. Sigh.. I think it should be called a pay EXCREMENT instead of increment. In addition, I only received 0.9 months for performance bonus. I expected at least 1 month. Sigh.. I heard issues that the bonus is lower this year bla bla bla but I heard that it was 1.25 months last year. The drop can't be that much so the only explanation is that I suck at work. Call me shameless but I think I am not faring badly as compared to the other first year staff. I was given a lot of shit stuff that someone has to do. Necessary for daily things but not good enough to score brownie points. I am extremely sore, angry, upset now. After doing so much shit, I am given a shit increment and shit bonus too! Sometimes I wish I can just take revenge and quit.. and perhaps commit suicide.

My life sucks.. I suck.. my work sucks.. everything sucks...

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