Saturday, June 15, 2013

Upcoming toys

I managed to sell my damaged Seifer and Tidus statues for $130. Yay!! That is the good news. The bad news is I still made a loss. Don't even talk about breaking even. I spent $150 for both of them :( Yes thanks to my stupidity that I was so engrossed with Seifer that I did not realise the damaged gunblade. I broke the wrist as I was trying to squeeze in the gunblade. Thus I decided to buy another one and sell the damaged gunblade. The new Seifer had oily face! Sigh.. Yes in the end I keep the broken wrist but not oily face Seifer + undamaged gunblade. Emo.. Tidus is solid, heavy, and sturdy. I love the figure even though I don't play the game but again, because of the oily texture I had to let it go. Oh wells.. Anyway I still have Yuna. Not sure whether I should sell it or "try another luck" to get Tidus.

I am sure whether I mentioned anywhere in my blog previously that I bought Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Vol 2: Lightning, Tifa, and Tidus. Yeah.. after complaining so much about the poor quality volume 1 figures. Lol.. Well, these chibi figurines are just too cute too resist. But the ultimate thing which made me buy these is my soft spot for our furry friends. Lighning comes with Odin (which I take it as a horse lol), Tifa comes with Red XIII, and Tidus with a Chocobo! Kweh!!
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Volume 2
Volume 3 will be released sometime this month and I will definitely buy it. Volume 3 consists for Sephiroth, Aerith, and Rinoa. Not a fan of FF VII but Aerith comes with Cait Sith. Nya!! And Rinoa of course is accompanied by Angelo. Hoho.. Rinoa also gets an alternate body of her dance dress. I did not pre-order this time as I can get them from local sellers with a cheaper price, just like how I got the 2nd volume. Unfortunately, no "combined" picture for the volume 3 so I shall not post. Perhaps when I have the items, there will be a lot of pictures floating around and I can post it.

With volume 3 is going to be released, the announcement for volume 4 and 5 is also already made available since months back. Volume 4 will be Yuffie, Tifa, and Cloud from Advent Children. Looks like I will give it a miss since I am not a fan of the 3 of them and they do not have any pets. Sigh.. Not sure if in the end I will buy just for the sake of completion. Volume 5 is a definite buy for me! It is rare to have the less popular characters such as Warrior of Light and Zidane. Volume 5 also has Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 which is not even released in English. Bleah..
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Volume 5
It seems that the interest in these items is sort of going down after the first volume. Otherwise, why isn't there any big "combined" pictures like the ones available for Squall, Cloud, and Yuna??? Grr.. One bad news about these toys: the price is getting more and more expensive. Jeez bloody Square Enix. Volume 1 and 2 figures are about 2000 yen each. Volume 3 and 4 will be 2400 yen each. And volume 5 will be 2800 each!

And finally, the biggest surprise will be: KOTOBUKIYA IS RELEASING A NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS FIGURE!! Kyaaa~~~ It's Ryoma in his Japan jersey. I did not want to get it initially because I already have 2 Ryoma figurines in his Japan jersey just that I have not shown them off here yet. Haha.. But the moment I saw Kotobukiya figure will come with Karupin: I WILL BUY! Haha.. The price is quite steep at 6800 yen.

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