Sunday, June 9, 2013

Think think think...

My application for Schengen Visa has been approved. Hurray! And who says the Westerners are laid back people? I sent in my application on Friday morning and on Monday afternoon, I received a notification that my passport had been shipped from Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore. Kinda amazing right? The expected processing time was 15 days but in the end, it was done over the weekend. I am simply impressed.

I have been working on 2 consecutive Saturdays so I had no time for my shopping yet. I shall go this coming Saturday. I prefer going in the morning to avoid the crowd and I just don't want to queue for the fitting room! Haha.. I am still "thinking many times" whether to buy Uniqlo pants and jacket. Sigh.. When it comes to non-toys related items, I think so many times but when it comes to toys, I don't even need to think to fork out many hundreds of dollars at one go.

I was expecting that I would get a tablet by this weekend during the IT Fair. But lo and behold: Sony Xperia Tablet Z was also released this week. Although it is an 10.1" tablet which I think is too big for portability, I am simply tempted as it is dubbed as the best Android thus far in 2013. I went to Sony Centre at Wisma Atria yesterday and the dummy was not in the store yet -__-" Blah.. I can't decide without playing with the real thing yet. And red and grey Galaxy Note 8.0 are rumoured to be out in 2 weeks time so back to square one in terms of thinking which one to buy.

Digital camera remains as my biggest headache. Bleah.. I am thinking of Canon and then I realise there are Ixus and Power Shot series. What are the difference? Bah!! When I went to Sony Centre, I saw the "black boxes" to show that Sony's Exmor R sensors can take great pictures in low light and I am swayed again. Actually my sister and dad bought Sony Xperia Z phone and during the roadshow, I personally went in to a totally black box and the resultant photo (with no flash) was like in a photo studio. However, when I played with my sister's phone at home, I simply could not reproduce good pictures under low light. Bleah.. When the time comes closer, I need to go Sony Centre again to really test whether the digital camera is really that good.

4 more Saturdays before my appointment for PR application. Sigh.. I am really wondering whether this is something right. To have 25% pay cut is really no joke T_T Haiz.. I already took a new passport photo and I look atrociously obese! Looks like I gotta forgo potato chips and bubble tea until the time I am back from Europe. Haha.. Wait.. Suddenly I have cravings for Cheetos and Spinelli leh!! Okay perhaps after 1 dose of each. Lol.. Weather is still changing so erratic that I never do my night time jog for the past many months. God!!

With the room aircon spoilt, I am just in a very very bad mood. Bleah.. The house owner claimed that she called for servicing a few days back but I feel no difference! Damn it!

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