Thursday, June 27, 2013


Teaching is my passion and I am glad to have ample opportunities to teach at my work. However, things are not as rosy as it seems. Lately, I am feeling angsty at work rather frequently, particularly towards some staff with poor work ethics. Anyway, their annual competency exam is coming and I was tasked to give a mock exam to see their preparedness. Obviously, it would not be easy as I am a rather evil guy. As expected, with a passing mark of 60%, everyone failed the paper. Lol.. I was quite disappointed that some people still managed to hit above 50%. My aim was to make it so difficult that everyone did badly and bucked up for the real exam.

As expected, after the paper, most of the idiots were cursing me: too difficult, so many things not in the notes, so many things never see before, etc. Today was my time for revenge and smack them back to reality. As evil and cunning as I am in setting the questions, more than 80% of the questions were based on their notes. If they did not know, it was because they did not study, did not study hard enough, or they were too dumb. Another 15% was based on real work life practice. If they found these difficult, then they have been working brainlessly everyday. Only 1 question was totally out of nowhere although the information was available in our drug resource. I hope I delivered my message today: most of the things are in the notes and if you fail, it is because you suck! I hope that makes you realise why at times I have to sit in my own room for some duties which require "higher level of thinking" and I cannot possibly be covering your duties so that you can slack at work! Bleah..

I knew I sounded angry, arrogant, and irritated when going through the answers today. Lol. Because I wanted to drill the message that they did not study hard enough. Some of them are just plain ridiculous. Complain about things not kept in store or not in the notes and expect everything is easy vomitting from notes. Even when 80% of things are directly found in the notes, they still fail. Of course there are still a few idiots who constantly refuse to admit their own stupidity with "excuses" such as: why only test the not important stuff. Hoho.. I wonder what are the things they deem "important".

Seriously I don't know how these "kids" survive their school days sia.. Doing exam takes a skill. You need to know the important things. You also need to know the "not so important things" which are likely to be tested. Basically you should think about what the examiners will be interested in knowing. That is called exam smart. Haha..

I still have no mood to write about my 6-week precepting experience. Haha.. Was attempting to write about it initially but could not string the sentences to tell an engaging story. Lol.

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