Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hot as hell

Whenever I feel emo, my first thought is always about dying and so be it if I am going to hell. Today I stand corrected. My air con broke down since the middle of last week and it is damn bloody hot inside my room. Sigh.. If I can't take this heat, how am I going to survive hell?? Bleah.. The new air con will be installed on Tuesday and I do hope there is no delay whatsoever.

The heat makes me constantly craving for ice cream or cold drinks to cool me down. Today I planned to skip mass and have dinner and dessert at Swensen's. It was a constant battle throughout the walk from my home. One part of me felt angry at God for the spoilt aircon (childish and unreasonable I know) and I did not want to faint because I did not have any lunch. I met my landlady before I left and I told her I was going for mass. So another part of me was like: hey dude, don't lie.. you just said you were going for mass! and there is aircon in the church anyways. So yeah, for first time, the good side of me won. I was surprised. Lol..

I consider myself unlucky because the aircon broke down on the weekend when I was not working. Although after knowing that my early shift colleague left only at 230pm, instead of the usual 1pm, I don't know if that was better than sweating my body off in my room.

I spent yesterday watching Britain's Got Talent Semi Finals and Final. I knew I was late because the final was last weekend. Haha.. As usual, singers and dancers dominate but I am glad that for this year, there are a lot of awesome variety acts such as ventriloquist, shadow performance, and stand up comedies/impressions. I don't usually like singers but the group Luminites is simply awesome. After their great audition which I shared here, I also love their semi final performance. For singing acts, usually they will sing their audition song for the finals and I always think that is sort of boring. It is the same for Luminites but I thought their final performance topped their audition. One thing which I think makes them special is that they did not change much from the day of their audition. Still as humble, no hints of arrogance, and the friendship they displayed after each performance is heartwarming. They emerged in the 5th position in the final but Simon Cowell offered them a contract. Will be looking forward to their release.

Semi final performance

Final performance

Moving on to my personal favourite this year is ventriloquist Steve Hewlett. He was only featured for less than a minute during the audition so he was sort of out of radar initially. I think he is not only a ventriloquist but also a great comedian. He has a great witty script and I thought it was creative to always have an interaction with the judges. And that Simon Cowell's puppet was hilarious. You know, if a performer had to stop somewhere in the middle to get himself heard to wait for the audience's laughter to subside, he is a great performer! He really brought the house down! He did not pass the semifinal but he went to the final with a wild card. His final performance was even more mind blowing and he really took it to another level of comedy. Brilliant guy!

Semi final performance

Final performance

I will be disappointed if Steve's great act is beaten by another singer/dancer group. You have lots of talented singers and dancers but you hardly have a talented ventriloquist, you see. Anyway, the winner is a shadow performance group from Hungary called Attraction. Despite all the controversies about foreigners joining the show, the Britons voted for them to win. Did not bump into their performance during the audition before this. But their audition and semi final performance were awesome. They just used shadow but it was so powerful and touching that people actually cried watching it. The semi final performance was based on one of the member's life story. The final performance was not actually better than the semi final but as what Simon said, it was a smart choice to do something "British" to tug into the heartstrings of the public. But the fact that they win also shows how open minded the Britons are.


Semi Final

The group actually consists of 12 members but the group only brought 8 members for Britain's Got Talent entourage. With all these amazing things they can do with 8 people, can you imagine what more they can do if all 12 were to perform? Wow..

And I thought the 4 judges have a good dynamic. It is very interesting to listen to their comments and their interaction can be, at times, more interesting than the acts. Lol.. Although this time a lot of the jokes are a bit "mature" in theme, I still find them funny. There are still interesting videos out there but save it for another day.

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