Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Kitty is back

The Kitties are back!! Haha.. Due to a disappointing experience with the previous Hello Kitty set (bad packaging and I could not sell them as high as expected), I decided that I was not interested with this new collection. Then my friend tempted me with photos. This time around, the Kitties are packaged in window boxes!! Darn!! Haha.. I visited a McD after work on Saturday and first week's Kitty was already sold out. Well -_- Tried to tempt myself further by McDelivery and same result: Wizard of Oz Kitty was out of stock. Hurray!! No need to collect if cannot collect them all lo... Haha..

Sunday was another intense battle between the angel and the devil in me. In the end, it was a victory for the good as I did not skip mass. Haha.. When I woke up 1 hour before mass, it was raining. As I was showering, I told myself that I would not go to church if it was raining. When I stepped outside the bathroom, tadaaa... the sun was shining brightly. Haha.. Heavenly sign liao.. It was the Feast of Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) and it was the first meaningful sermon I had in a loo~~~ng time. But ask me today, I can't recall what I heard about yesterday. Lol.. I just found the homily was meaningful yesterday.

A bit frustrated at work recently. Sigh.. females are just biased and subjective bitches. Just the thought of it makes my head spinning as it will be another long rant. Tomorrow perhaps..

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