Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bloody sun

Let's start with a good news first. My aircon was fixed on Monday instead of Tuesday. That was a huge surprise and made me really happy. Hehe.. The new aircon is awesomely cold. I am freezing even at 28 deg Celcius. That's all for the good news.

It got kinda hazy since last Friday here in Singapore. Conditions gradually worsened and the current "hot" abbreviation in Singapore is PSI. PSI stands for Pollutants Standard Index which measures the air quality and higher number means poorer air quality. On Monday, things started to get worse but most people were still optimistic that "it was not as bad as 2006 or 1997" yet. PSI was 226 in 1997 and that was the highest for Singapore. Yesterday afternoon was the worst that I experienced and it was kinda scary. In the late afternoon, the sun looked bloody red and traffic lights shined with eerie glow. It was like a scene from a the-end-of-the-world movie. Brr.. When I thought things could not get worse, guess what: yesterday night a record was broken with PSI reading of 321 at 10pm

Amazingly, despite the record high PSI reading last night, people were still queueing for latest McDonald's Hello Kitty plushie at midnight and it was sold out within a few hours. Amazing.. I simply can't understand all the hatred directed at Singapore government's. Seriously, these keyboard warriors should think what they think the government can do when the fire is happening in other country? The government can't simply send airplanes and start throwing water bombs to the raging fire right? I know most people want the Stop Work Order to be announced. But then... why is there an issue with going to work when there is not any issue with queue-ing for Hello Kitty? Haiz..
Anyway, the record was short lived as PSI hit 371 at 1pm today. I was having an impossible hope for public holiday to be announced but that hope was dashed when an email about haze contingency plan came. Even at PSI >400, the instruction was to wear N95 mask indoor. Sigh.. no mention about stopping work T_T Oh wells...
The scary thing is that this is less than a week! From previous years experience, the haze usually ends some time near the 7th month. I can't imagine how bad things will be. I am already having cough and chest discomfort. It never crossed my mind that I would ever consider getting salbutamol. I wanted to get the tablets but my friend suggested against it due to the possibly bad systemic side effects. I ended up getting the inhaler for standby!! Not even in my wildest dream that one day I will use an inhaler sia.. I have no asthma history by the way. If I am feeling this comfortable, I can't imagine how people with asthma or elderly will feel. God have mercy on us.

Okay, as promised, just to lighten up the mood, here are some of the funny and "dirty" jokes during Britain's Got Talent.

"Playing with yourself" and "the organs". Lol.
Anyway, it was very unfortunate that the other guy left. I thought their audition was entertaining and I am sure the semi final performance would be much better if there were 2 people playing.

Let's talk about the balls now. Haha.. "Absolutely mesmerised by your balls" and "You don't like my balls?"

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