Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tick tock tick tock..

My biological clock is ticking and I feel that I am becoming old really fast. Today I went to the newly opened JEM. I felt uncomfortable after alighting the MRT as I had no idea where to walk. I actually had no idea where the shopping mall is located or how near. Haha.. This was a contrast with my younger self. The first time I come to Singapore, I was adventurous. I loved going to places I did not know or I had not visited before. My younger self felt excited with the possibilities of losing ways and travelling to roads unknown. I wonder if I would enjoy my coming trip to Europe if I feel uncomfortable, rather than excited, to see new places and experience new things.

My friend was 30 minutes late so I had the chance to loiter around. There is still no sale for chino pants and jacket which I have been aiming at from Uniqlo. I went to H&M and I thought their jackets were of comparable price with Uniqlo's. In fact, H&M's feel more "atas". However, it does not really suit my purpose. With a relatively thick and heavy material, I think I will sweat and feel uncomfortable when I am wearing it to go outside on this sunny island.

My reason for going all the way to JEM is to get Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Challenger is having store opening promotion and is giving away free battery, free memory card, pouch etc, while stocks last. The promotion began 2 weeks ago and I came on the 2nd last day. Lol. The staff told me that they only had 10 sets for promotion and they were wiped out on the first day. They brought in another 15 which were gone by now. Oh well, promote until so big big but only 25 sets?? Tsk tsk tsk.. I am actually still undecided whether to buy a tablet or not. Sigh.. That's me.. Always think so hard for gadgets while I spend money like water when it comes to toys. Ironic indeed.

I had a meet-up with 2 friends on Friday. As age is slowly creeping, we grow more and more desperate to look for our partners in life. Haha.. I am feeling rather heartbroken lately. I mean I know that the girl I like since like 6 years ago is already attached. After seeing her picture with her boyfriend on facebook, I feel a bit jealous :( Anyway, a part of me feels happy that they look happy together.

When I see my secondary school friends who are married now, I always wonder why their husbands are not the super duper handsome type and rather plump too. And these girls are the quite pretty types in my opinion. Haha.. Seems like girls don't always look for the looks and body. Not saying that I am good looking or what la but I think I am better looking than some of these guys.. And yet I am still single.. No wonder people always suspect single good looking males are gays -__-" 

I admit I am still very self-centered and I am very choosy. I want a good girl, with good family, comparable social status, comparable brain power, Catholic, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention that I am very conservative too: I hope find the right one, date her, marry her, and have 4 kids (2 sons and 2 daughters). Haha.. I don't want to play around as I do not want to waste money and time for failed relationship. Sigh.. But perhaps the biggest hurdle for me to find the correct one is my limited social circle. I hardly have friends so how am I going to find a girlfriend in the first place? Haiz..

Despite how thick my skin is, I have a rather low-self esteem when it comes to having a girlfriend. I am not the romantic type and I don't think I am comfortable with public display of affection. Every time my clique friends are "playing" by holding my arm when we walk, I feel a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps I am uncomfortable because we are just friends la, I don't know. Haha.. But when I have one girl on one arm and another on the other arm, it felt embarassing too. Maybe people would think I am gay or what. Lol.. Perhaps it is another sign of aging: to get bothered about how others view me. In the past, I just can't be bothered as I am comfortable in my own skin and I know we are just holding arms for fun. Lol..

But honestly deep down in my heart, I am praying hard that God will send me a soulmate quickly. I don't mind getting married young actually. Haha.. And I do hope I can have first son, second daughter, third daughter, and fourth son. Although my "ideal" family is 2 sons and 2 daughters, I will stop if my first 3 are sons... But if my first 3 are daughters, God save me!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Teaching is my passion and I am glad to have ample opportunities to teach at my work. However, things are not as rosy as it seems. Lately, I am feeling angsty at work rather frequently, particularly towards some staff with poor work ethics. Anyway, their annual competency exam is coming and I was tasked to give a mock exam to see their preparedness. Obviously, it would not be easy as I am a rather evil guy. As expected, with a passing mark of 60%, everyone failed the paper. Lol.. I was quite disappointed that some people still managed to hit above 50%. My aim was to make it so difficult that everyone did badly and bucked up for the real exam.

As expected, after the paper, most of the idiots were cursing me: too difficult, so many things not in the notes, so many things never see before, etc. Today was my time for revenge and smack them back to reality. As evil and cunning as I am in setting the questions, more than 80% of the questions were based on their notes. If they did not know, it was because they did not study, did not study hard enough, or they were too dumb. Another 15% was based on real work life practice. If they found these difficult, then they have been working brainlessly everyday. Only 1 question was totally out of nowhere although the information was available in our drug resource. I hope I delivered my message today: most of the things are in the notes and if you fail, it is because you suck! I hope that makes you realise why at times I have to sit in my own room for some duties which require "higher level of thinking" and I cannot possibly be covering your duties so that you can slack at work! Bleah..

I knew I sounded angry, arrogant, and irritated when going through the answers today. Lol. Because I wanted to drill the message that they did not study hard enough. Some of them are just plain ridiculous. Complain about things not kept in store or not in the notes and expect everything is easy vomitting from notes. Even when 80% of things are directly found in the notes, they still fail. Of course there are still a few idiots who constantly refuse to admit their own stupidity with "excuses" such as: why only test the not important stuff. Hoho.. I wonder what are the things they deem "important".

Seriously I don't know how these "kids" survive their school days sia.. Doing exam takes a skill. You need to know the important things. You also need to know the "not so important things" which are likely to be tested. Basically you should think about what the examiners will be interested in knowing. That is called exam smart. Haha..

I still have no mood to write about my 6-week precepting experience. Haha.. Was attempting to write about it initially but could not string the sentences to tell an engaging story. Lol.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh hazzy day..

Oh hazzy day..
Oh hazzy hazzy day...

That's lame but the haze is just getting worse. Records are made to be broken and yesterday PSI hit 401 to create another highest in the history. Things were chaotic as the interest for masks even beat Hello Kitty craze. On Thursday night, the government did a press conference to mention that 9 million masks have been distributed. Reality was on Friday, even the suppliers were still unable to say when the stocks were coming. Up down left right centre we were scolded, screamed at, and abused. Seriously, if by screaming the stocks would come, we would join you in screaming too. And we were not playing Easter mask-hunt with you.. What's the point of hiding the masks only to get shouted at? Bleah.. By the time I reported for work, my retail staff was already on the verge of tearing of all the abuse and it was only 930am in the morning. And mind you, we, the workers, were not even given a mask!

In the afternoon, worse news came. It seems that all pharmacies were swarmed by public. It was decided that masks would be distributed to the retail chains first. Good reasoning because hospital and polyclinic pharmacies are not open on the weekends and with retail stores everywhere, it sorta helping on the accessability to the public. Reality check: people are expecting the reverse! That public institutions should get priority over private and profit-making pharmacies. Sigh.. I thank God that I was off today. Could not imagine how chaotic it would be.

Prior to this, despite all the chaos, I thought the government managed the crisis pretty well. But that press conference changed my opinion. It was like sabo-ing all healthcare workers in the nation by saying that masks were available when they were not available yet. And to be fair, I think this nation is full of pathetic and non-resilient people. They are so dependent on the government and all they can do is to criticise. In other countries, if there is any natural disaster, people have to take their own action. If they wait for government aid, they will die first. Imagine if a volcano erupts and you decide to run only after there is warning (if there is any) from government or imagine if you see the tsunami rises from the see and you still wait for government to issue "RUUUN!!", you will be the first to die.

The haze dissipated yesterday afternoon and I had high hope for a good weekend. After all, those who burn surely would like to enjoy weekend too. I was wrong. This morning was bad again but things returned to normal at about 2pm. Yay!! I believe it was God who blew the haze away. I was joking to my friend that I would not go out to attend mass tomorrow if the haze was so thick! Looks like God won't let His people skipped mass because of haze. Haha.. 

Anyway, I went out because Uniqlo put slim jeans on sale!! Yay.. I bought navy-coloured slim jeans. This is the first piece of clothing which I bought every since I started working 2 years ago. Lol.. And as much as I think how fat I have become, it was a surprise that I could still squeeze to number 31. That is the same size as my currently "tight" jeans. Haha.. 31 was tight on the groin but just nice on the legs. 32 was just nice on the groin but too loose on the legs. Nothing is perfect. I chose 32 in the end. Now I am waiting for the Chino pants to be put on sale! Hehe.. Love the green. And of course the $99.90 jacket too! Please have it on sale next week :)

Talking about fat, I have decided to forgo any potato chips and cafe until the day I return from my trip to Europe. That is still in August. Haha.. I don't want to look like a pig in the photos. I had fulfilled my cravings for Cheeton (on Thursday) and Spinelli (just now) so it is time to start this abstinence. Haha..

And lastly, pictures speak a thousand words. Rather than saying PSI this and PSI that, let the pictures do the talking.
Yesterday at 9am before I went to work
Today at 230pm when the PSI dropped to double digit
I think the burners will have a Sunday break and tomorrow will be fine. They will go again on Monday and I pray that bloody stock of masks better come in!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bloody sun

Let's start with a good news first. My aircon was fixed on Monday instead of Tuesday. That was a huge surprise and made me really happy. Hehe.. The new aircon is awesomely cold. I am freezing even at 28 deg Celcius. That's all for the good news.

It got kinda hazy since last Friday here in Singapore. Conditions gradually worsened and the current "hot" abbreviation in Singapore is PSI. PSI stands for Pollutants Standard Index which measures the air quality and higher number means poorer air quality. On Monday, things started to get worse but most people were still optimistic that "it was not as bad as 2006 or 1997" yet. PSI was 226 in 1997 and that was the highest for Singapore. Yesterday afternoon was the worst that I experienced and it was kinda scary. In the late afternoon, the sun looked bloody red and traffic lights shined with eerie glow. It was like a scene from a the-end-of-the-world movie. Brr.. When I thought things could not get worse, guess what: yesterday night a record was broken with PSI reading of 321 at 10pm

Amazingly, despite the record high PSI reading last night, people were still queueing for latest McDonald's Hello Kitty plushie at midnight and it was sold out within a few hours. Amazing.. I simply can't understand all the hatred directed at Singapore government's. Seriously, these keyboard warriors should think what they think the government can do when the fire is happening in other country? The government can't simply send airplanes and start throwing water bombs to the raging fire right? I know most people want the Stop Work Order to be announced. But then... why is there an issue with going to work when there is not any issue with queue-ing for Hello Kitty? Haiz..
Anyway, the record was short lived as PSI hit 371 at 1pm today. I was having an impossible hope for public holiday to be announced but that hope was dashed when an email about haze contingency plan came. Even at PSI >400, the instruction was to wear N95 mask indoor. Sigh.. no mention about stopping work T_T Oh wells...
The scary thing is that this is less than a week! From previous years experience, the haze usually ends some time near the 7th month. I can't imagine how bad things will be. I am already having cough and chest discomfort. It never crossed my mind that I would ever consider getting salbutamol. I wanted to get the tablets but my friend suggested against it due to the possibly bad systemic side effects. I ended up getting the inhaler for standby!! Not even in my wildest dream that one day I will use an inhaler sia.. I have no asthma history by the way. If I am feeling this comfortable, I can't imagine how people with asthma or elderly will feel. God have mercy on us.

Okay, as promised, just to lighten up the mood, here are some of the funny and "dirty" jokes during Britain's Got Talent.

"Playing with yourself" and "the organs". Lol.
Anyway, it was very unfortunate that the other guy left. I thought their audition was entertaining and I am sure the semi final performance would be much better if there were 2 people playing.

Let's talk about the balls now. Haha.. "Absolutely mesmerised by your balls" and "You don't like my balls?"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hot as hell

Whenever I feel emo, my first thought is always about dying and so be it if I am going to hell. Today I stand corrected. My air con broke down since the middle of last week and it is damn bloody hot inside my room. Sigh.. If I can't take this heat, how am I going to survive hell?? Bleah.. The new air con will be installed on Tuesday and I do hope there is no delay whatsoever.

The heat makes me constantly craving for ice cream or cold drinks to cool me down. Today I planned to skip mass and have dinner and dessert at Swensen's. It was a constant battle throughout the walk from my home. One part of me felt angry at God for the spoilt aircon (childish and unreasonable I know) and I did not want to faint because I did not have any lunch. I met my landlady before I left and I told her I was going for mass. So another part of me was like: hey dude, don't lie.. you just said you were going for mass! and there is aircon in the church anyways. So yeah, for first time, the good side of me won. I was surprised. Lol..

I consider myself unlucky because the aircon broke down on the weekend when I was not working. Although after knowing that my early shift colleague left only at 230pm, instead of the usual 1pm, I don't know if that was better than sweating my body off in my room.

I spent yesterday watching Britain's Got Talent Semi Finals and Final. I knew I was late because the final was last weekend. Haha.. As usual, singers and dancers dominate but I am glad that for this year, there are a lot of awesome variety acts such as ventriloquist, shadow performance, and stand up comedies/impressions. I don't usually like singers but the group Luminites is simply awesome. After their great audition which I shared here, I also love their semi final performance. For singing acts, usually they will sing their audition song for the finals and I always think that is sort of boring. It is the same for Luminites but I thought their final performance topped their audition. One thing which I think makes them special is that they did not change much from the day of their audition. Still as humble, no hints of arrogance, and the friendship they displayed after each performance is heartwarming. They emerged in the 5th position in the final but Simon Cowell offered them a contract. Will be looking forward to their release.

Semi final performance

Final performance

Moving on to my personal favourite this year is ventriloquist Steve Hewlett. He was only featured for less than a minute during the audition so he was sort of out of radar initially. I think he is not only a ventriloquist but also a great comedian. He has a great witty script and I thought it was creative to always have an interaction with the judges. And that Simon Cowell's puppet was hilarious. You know, if a performer had to stop somewhere in the middle to get himself heard to wait for the audience's laughter to subside, he is a great performer! He really brought the house down! He did not pass the semifinal but he went to the final with a wild card. His final performance was even more mind blowing and he really took it to another level of comedy. Brilliant guy!

Semi final performance

Final performance

I will be disappointed if Steve's great act is beaten by another singer/dancer group. You have lots of talented singers and dancers but you hardly have a talented ventriloquist, you see. Anyway, the winner is a shadow performance group from Hungary called Attraction. Despite all the controversies about foreigners joining the show, the Britons voted for them to win. Did not bump into their performance during the audition before this. But their audition and semi final performance were awesome. They just used shadow but it was so powerful and touching that people actually cried watching it. The semi final performance was based on one of the member's life story. The final performance was not actually better than the semi final but as what Simon said, it was a smart choice to do something "British" to tug into the heartstrings of the public. But the fact that they win also shows how open minded the Britons are.


Semi Final

The group actually consists of 12 members but the group only brought 8 members for Britain's Got Talent entourage. With all these amazing things they can do with 8 people, can you imagine what more they can do if all 12 were to perform? Wow..

And I thought the 4 judges have a good dynamic. It is very interesting to listen to their comments and their interaction can be, at times, more interesting than the acts. Lol.. Although this time a lot of the jokes are a bit "mature" in theme, I still find them funny. There are still interesting videos out there but save it for another day.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Upcoming toys

I managed to sell my damaged Seifer and Tidus statues for $130. Yay!! That is the good news. The bad news is I still made a loss. Don't even talk about breaking even. I spent $150 for both of them :( Yes thanks to my stupidity that I was so engrossed with Seifer that I did not realise the damaged gunblade. I broke the wrist as I was trying to squeeze in the gunblade. Thus I decided to buy another one and sell the damaged gunblade. The new Seifer had oily face! Sigh.. Yes in the end I keep the broken wrist but not oily face Seifer + undamaged gunblade. Emo.. Tidus is solid, heavy, and sturdy. I love the figure even though I don't play the game but again, because of the oily texture I had to let it go. Oh wells.. Anyway I still have Yuna. Not sure whether I should sell it or "try another luck" to get Tidus.

I am sure whether I mentioned anywhere in my blog previously that I bought Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Vol 2: Lightning, Tifa, and Tidus. Yeah.. after complaining so much about the poor quality volume 1 figures. Lol.. Well, these chibi figurines are just too cute too resist. But the ultimate thing which made me buy these is my soft spot for our furry friends. Lighning comes with Odin (which I take it as a horse lol), Tifa comes with Red XIII, and Tidus with a Chocobo! Kweh!!
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Volume 2
Volume 3 will be released sometime this month and I will definitely buy it. Volume 3 consists for Sephiroth, Aerith, and Rinoa. Not a fan of FF VII but Aerith comes with Cait Sith. Nya!! And Rinoa of course is accompanied by Angelo. Hoho.. Rinoa also gets an alternate body of her dance dress. I did not pre-order this time as I can get them from local sellers with a cheaper price, just like how I got the 2nd volume. Unfortunately, no "combined" picture for the volume 3 so I shall not post. Perhaps when I have the items, there will be a lot of pictures floating around and I can post it.

With volume 3 is going to be released, the announcement for volume 4 and 5 is also already made available since months back. Volume 4 will be Yuffie, Tifa, and Cloud from Advent Children. Looks like I will give it a miss since I am not a fan of the 3 of them and they do not have any pets. Sigh.. Not sure if in the end I will buy just for the sake of completion. Volume 5 is a definite buy for me! It is rare to have the less popular characters such as Warrior of Light and Zidane. Volume 5 also has Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 which is not even released in English. Bleah..
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Volume 5
It seems that the interest in these items is sort of going down after the first volume. Otherwise, why isn't there any big "combined" pictures like the ones available for Squall, Cloud, and Yuna??? Grr.. One bad news about these toys: the price is getting more and more expensive. Jeez bloody Square Enix. Volume 1 and 2 figures are about 2000 yen each. Volume 3 and 4 will be 2400 yen each. And volume 5 will be 2800 each!

And finally, the biggest surprise will be: KOTOBUKIYA IS RELEASING A NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS FIGURE!! Kyaaa~~~ It's Ryoma in his Japan jersey. I did not want to get it initially because I already have 2 Ryoma figurines in his Japan jersey just that I have not shown them off here yet. Haha.. But the moment I saw Kotobukiya figure will come with Karupin: I WILL BUY! Haha.. The price is quite steep at 6800 yen.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Latest anime books!!

It's been a long while since I wrote about my anime book collections. In fact, when I went home in April, I took pictures of all my anime book collection but I have yet the time to upload and show it off here. Well, today is still not the time. As I was tidying up my treasures, I finally decided to write about the few books which I bought for the past few months. Too lazy to take pictures on my own so the pictures here are taken from a lot of places around the net.

Firstly, Hikaru no Go Illustration Book [Sai]. This is an oversized and gigantic artbook measuring 37cm x 26.5 cm. When it first came out, I was still a poor dumb student who thought $100+ something for an artbook was too much. My threshold during that time was still $50-$60 per book. I even bought the bootleg version (shame on me!) as a compensation. The bootleg is in Indonesia so I am unable to compare how it fares against the original. I finally got this book from Yahoo! Japan for $60.66 including shipping and middleman service. Good price so I have no right to complain about the dust jacket which is not up to my "good" standard. But still, what's the meaning of few dollars? If I bought the book first-hand initially, I am sure I will still own a book which is still in top condition. Anyway, this book is quite interesting: the pages run from 0 from both front and back covers! They meet at the center at about page 90. The art and drawing inside are gorgeous. My only complain is that the actual hard cover is just plain white! Meh..
Next book will be xxxHolic Kocho no Yume artbook. I almost missed this but I can proudly say that I bought the last available copy in Singapore's Kinokuniya!! Haha.. The book is simply: orgasmic! On the surface, it looks disappointing with an external cardboard box with a large picture of Yuko and a large picture of Watanuki at the other side. Yes, cardboard material does not justify the high price tag of 6900 yen. But hey, don't judge a book based on it's external box. Inside the box, there is a three-way hardcover material with Yuko (the picture below). Upon opening, beneath it is Watanuki. And wait.. this three-way hardcover material is not even the book cover!! It forms sort of a cage and the actual book is still inside.
The actual book cover is sort of a disappointment after the gorgeous Yuko and Watanuki book cage. However, it fits the traditional Japanese theme. The paper also has this funny Japanese smell which I commonly smell from old books I imported from Japan. Haha.. The first half is full-colour illustration while the second half is black and white illustration. To be honest, words do not do this book justice!! Seeing is believing but I am too lazy to take picture. Haha..

I can't remember how much exactly I paid for this but in total I spent $129.20 for the book and New Prince of Tennis TV Animation Official Visual Book. I am not particularly fond of buying books with digital artwork from anime. But with a lack of Prince of Tennis artbook (as far as I remember, I can only recall Prince of Tennis 30.5) and the fact that Prince of Tennis is one of my favourite anime, it was a no brainer for me to buy. Ah, I did not remove the price tag for this ($37.50). With 20% sale, you can calculate back the price of xxxHolic book. Anyway, as per usual TV animation book, there is nothing much worth mentioning about this.
Next is Fairy Tail Illustrations -Fantasia-. I love Hiro Mashima's artwook in Rave but I find a lot of changes with his style with Fairy Tail. While the drawings inside are fantastic: hand-drawn and fully coloured, my enjoyment is ruined because of 2 factors: the oversexualisation of the female bodies and the exaggeration of male abs. Too many pictures of ladies in "compromising" poses and the lack of clothes make this book more like a "soft-porn" art rather than an anime/manga artbook. A bit sad actually. He is talented (good writing and good drawing) and I suppose he will be as successful without sexualising the ladies. However, in the end I still think that this is a $33.94 well spent. Haha..
Back to another book which I already own the bootleg version: Dear Boys. I was not being stingy when it first came out. I did not buy it because I was still oblivious to the manga back then. Haha.. Yup I bought the bootleg for about $20+ and guess what, I bought the real one for $28.91 inclusive shipping! Ridiculous isn't it? Content-wise, there is actually no issue having the bootleg. Haha.. However, the original trumps the bootleg with the cover. You see the picture of the cover below? The actual book cover is actually full grey in colour. The picture of Aikawa is actually on the transparent plastic dust jacket! Heh! Cool.. This was released during the first Dear Boys series. With the manga reaching Act III now, I think it is just time for Hiroki Yagami to release another artbook. If he does, this time I will definitely buy the original right from the start!!
Moving on to my favourite series now: Gundam Wing. With Endless Waltz ended more than a decade ago, I totally never expect there will ever be any Gundam Wing artbook. I was jumping with joy when I saw Gundam Wing Sunrise Art Works TV Series. But I was too late.. only 3 months late and the book was already sold out in many places. Surprisingly, I never even saw it in Kinokuniya! Bah.. I was on the brink of giving up when I saw eBay sellers were selling at USD80-100+ when the original retail price was only 3800 yen. I was very lucky that I could manage to snag one from Hobby Link Japan with original retail price! Yay.. $62.34 gone in total. The book is purely in black and white and the content is all sketches. I am being biased here but no complaint about that as I bought it simply because it is Gundam Wing! Haha.. But to be more objective, it did not reach the "orgasmic" level like xxxHolic artbook did! Lol..
I imported Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Character Guide I and II from I am not a big fan of Tsubasa but I am totally confused about the story so I suppose these books will be able to help me understand the manga better. The 2nd book was on Bargain Price from Amazon so it was dirt cheap. Amazon claimed that Bargain Price books are over-stock from supplier and not second-hand items from customer. It was rubbish! When it arrived, the condition was atrocious. Bleah.. No issue with the volume I. Luckily, Amazon refunded me the price of the first book (the non-bargain price one) and the shipping so my faith in Amazon was restored! Haha.. The books itself are so-so. And I don't know why the size of the first book is about A5 while the second one is more of a B5. Simply weird.. And nope, the book did not help me to understand the story better. I need to re-read from the first book when all volumes had been released in Indonesia. Anyway, $15.61 for both books, I should just suck it up.

I reach the final one which just arrived today: Valkyrie Profile Material Collection. I did not buy when it was first released for the same reason as why I did not buy Hikaru no Go. Lol. Shame on me! It set me back about $70 I think. But lucky me, the condition is near mint, unlike the Hikaru no Go. The item consists of 2 books housed in a slip case: the first one is illustration book and the second one is more like the game walkthrough. Similar to xxxHolic, I thought this book was "orgasmic" too! Haha.. The art is damn good (for sure!) but its bonus point is: reminiscence of my teenage years. Oh yeah!! Why didn't I buy this earlier? Haha..
These are all my latest loot. Hmm.. come to think of this, I am quite shocked: I bought all of these within April-May only!! ZOMG.. No wonder how I run out of money so quickly.. Haiz..

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Think think think...

My application for Schengen Visa has been approved. Hurray! And who says the Westerners are laid back people? I sent in my application on Friday morning and on Monday afternoon, I received a notification that my passport had been shipped from Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore. Kinda amazing right? The expected processing time was 15 days but in the end, it was done over the weekend. I am simply impressed.

I have been working on 2 consecutive Saturdays so I had no time for my shopping yet. I shall go this coming Saturday. I prefer going in the morning to avoid the crowd and I just don't want to queue for the fitting room! Haha.. I am still "thinking many times" whether to buy Uniqlo pants and jacket. Sigh.. When it comes to non-toys related items, I think so many times but when it comes to toys, I don't even need to think to fork out many hundreds of dollars at one go.

I was expecting that I would get a tablet by this weekend during the IT Fair. But lo and behold: Sony Xperia Tablet Z was also released this week. Although it is an 10.1" tablet which I think is too big for portability, I am simply tempted as it is dubbed as the best Android thus far in 2013. I went to Sony Centre at Wisma Atria yesterday and the dummy was not in the store yet -__-" Blah.. I can't decide without playing with the real thing yet. And red and grey Galaxy Note 8.0 are rumoured to be out in 2 weeks time so back to square one in terms of thinking which one to buy.

Digital camera remains as my biggest headache. Bleah.. I am thinking of Canon and then I realise there are Ixus and Power Shot series. What are the difference? Bah!! When I went to Sony Centre, I saw the "black boxes" to show that Sony's Exmor R sensors can take great pictures in low light and I am swayed again. Actually my sister and dad bought Sony Xperia Z phone and during the roadshow, I personally went in to a totally black box and the resultant photo (with no flash) was like in a photo studio. However, when I played with my sister's phone at home, I simply could not reproduce good pictures under low light. Bleah.. When the time comes closer, I need to go Sony Centre again to really test whether the digital camera is really that good.

4 more Saturdays before my appointment for PR application. Sigh.. I am really wondering whether this is something right. To have 25% pay cut is really no joke T_T Haiz.. I already took a new passport photo and I look atrociously obese! Looks like I gotta forgo potato chips and bubble tea until the time I am back from Europe. Haha.. Wait.. Suddenly I have cravings for Cheetos and Spinelli leh!! Okay perhaps after 1 dose of each. Lol.. Weather is still changing so erratic that I never do my night time jog for the past many months. God!!

With the room aircon spoilt, I am just in a very very bad mood. Bleah.. The house owner claimed that she called for servicing a few days back but I feel no difference! Damn it!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Kitty is back

The Kitties are back!! Haha.. Due to a disappointing experience with the previous Hello Kitty set (bad packaging and I could not sell them as high as expected), I decided that I was not interested with this new collection. Then my friend tempted me with photos. This time around, the Kitties are packaged in window boxes!! Darn!! Haha.. I visited a McD after work on Saturday and first week's Kitty was already sold out. Well -_- Tried to tempt myself further by McDelivery and same result: Wizard of Oz Kitty was out of stock. Hurray!! No need to collect if cannot collect them all lo... Haha..

Sunday was another intense battle between the angel and the devil in me. In the end, it was a victory for the good as I did not skip mass. Haha.. When I woke up 1 hour before mass, it was raining. As I was showering, I told myself that I would not go to church if it was raining. When I stepped outside the bathroom, tadaaa... the sun was shining brightly. Haha.. Heavenly sign liao.. It was the Feast of Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) and it was the first meaningful sermon I had in a loo~~~ng time. But ask me today, I can't recall what I heard about yesterday. Lol.. I just found the homily was meaningful yesterday.

A bit frustrated at work recently. Sigh.. females are just biased and subjective bitches. Just the thought of it makes my head spinning as it will be another long rant. Tomorrow perhaps..