Friday, May 24, 2013

Q-s everywhere!

It is Vesak Day today and I went to Orchard this afternoon for a meet-up as someone bought my damaged Quistis figure! It is a mixed feeling for me. I am glad because I am able to free up some space for newer toys. But I am also emo knowing that I made a loss. I sold it only for $80 while I bought it for at least 60 pounds exclusive of shipping. I was too excited when receiving it last year and did not even realise that the hair was damaged. I deliberately bought 2 because it was sooo difficult to get Quistis and she is my favourite character. I was planning to put one with me here and leave one at home in Indo. Too bad I saw the damaged hair and decided to sell it instead. Okay complain complain complain.. but be grateful that at least I am able to sell it. I think the buyer was also satisfied for finally able to get hold of this after so many years (according to her own words). I hope she is not disappointed and will buy my Seifer and Selphie too! Lol.

I went during an off-peak period so the crowd really surprised me. It was human jam between Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City. The queues at all Kinokuniya cashier counters were amazing. The queue near the Japanese book area actually reached the Japanese/Chinese books information counter! Wow.. I could not find any empty seat in Taka B2 including the sushi counter inside Cold Storage and various eateries near the food court which usually hardly have any patrons. The crowd at Takashimaya was even more sick. At every level and every department, it was people everywhere and long queues at all cashiers too. Madness.. It is as if tomorrow is the end of the world or the end of shopping sia..

My sister was here from Sunday to Wednesday so this week was very tiring. On one side, I am happy that she was lucky enough to be sent by company to travel overseas. On another side, I feel jealous. Here I am cursing my life and my work everyday with no opportunity to go overseas. That's me.. a negative person. If I were to think positively, my thought will be: she is lucky to be here for a few days but I am luckier to be able to be here full time! Anyway she was with another 2 colleagues of her. I was quite irritated with her actually. On the first day, since it was the first day, I thought she should "take care" and accompany her colleagues. She wanted otherwise. On the last day, I thought she should just separate if she still had shopping to do on her own but she had no guts -__-" Wah piang..

Anyway, it is bad to accompany her shopping as I was exposed to more things which I want to buy also. Sigh.. When she was trying a pants in Uniqlo, I was bored and went over to the males area. Sigh.. Uniqlo pants and jeans are made of light materials and there are green colours too. They are definitely much more comfortable to wear and to bring for my upcoming Europe trip so I am thinking of getting 2 pairs: one green and one neutral black or blue colour. I am also tempted for a casual looking jacket too! Sigh.. That will set me back $200 :(

I also want to get a digital camera for taking photos and a tablet to bring over and transfer the pictures when I am in Europe. I want Galaxy Tab 8 inch but it is kinda old to be offered by the telcos here. I can buy it "loosely" for $468 but I am really concerned about my data usage. If in the end I will spend as much as buying a plan, I might as well take up a plan which will come with Galaxy Note 10 inch for $418. But the, 10 inch tablet is not that portable.. I don't know whether this is a good or bad news but Galaxy Note 8 inch will be released here on 25th May!! Haha.. Just nice: 8 inch and since it is new, I am sure M1 will bundle it with a plan!

Okay I am vain and it seems ridiculous to spend close to $1000 just for a 2-wk trip. Bleah.. However, it is more ridiculous that I think so much to spend money for these things when I hardly think before spending money for my anime/manga stuff. Really wrong priority.. Now I am waiting for Great Singapore Sale and see whether there would be good sale from Uniqlo as well as good tablet plan. It is also almost time for my mobile broadband plan renewal. These things are put on hold first because I have not even applied for my visa. If my visa is approved, then my headache will return.

That's all for now even though there are still plenty of things I would like to write about..

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