Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I went out to town for 3 consecutive days! That is an achievement for a lazy bum like me haha.. My main purpose on Saturday was to buy a new pillow. Thanks to my sister that I had to accompany her to Bugis and I discovered that BHG has started with their mid year sale. I decided to get the memory pillow as its after sale price was $19. As compared to "normal" pillows which are in the $15-range, I decided to try the so called memory pillow. The last time I bought my pillow, I thought it was bouncy enough but it did not even last me a year. Now it already sags and I am waking up with congested nose everyday. Oh the one that I bought is memory + charcoal pillow. No idea whether the charcoal serves any purpose or it is just a marketing gimmick. But so far, I like the feeling and the smell of new pilow. Hehe..

I had no plan on buying any more Marvel comics but no idea how I ended up on a website which reviews Marvel cross-over event and I was hooked at Fear Itself. So I was back at Kinokuniya on Sunday as there was a 20% sale going on. Decided to get Fear Itself and Secret Invasion. I am not so much a fan of DC but after borrowing DC's new 52 of Justice League from a friend, I thought their Justice League was nice too. Justice League to DC is like Avengers to Marvel. Previously I could not find the hardcover version anymore so I decided not to buy but yesterday I saw 3 hardcover books on the shelf so I bought Justice League Vol 1 Origins and Vol 2 The Villain's Journey too.

Disappointingly, Fear Itself is crap. Sigh.. Will review it another time. But I personally like Secret Invasion. I have been somehow withdrawn to get Secret Invasion but always hesitated to get because of the ugly Skrulls on the cover. Haha.. The storytelling is great and as I was reading, it also made me confused between the real heroes and the Skrull's version. Still waiting for Avengers vs X-men Companion from Amazon now..

I developed headache so suddenly at work this afternoon and I thought I had a good night sleep with my new pillow last night. Not sure if I am feeling stressed over my visa. It could also be possibly due to my plan to get a tablet. I am more or less decided on getting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but I am still undecided about the plan. My mobile broadband plan for my laptop is expiring in 2 weeks time and I am very devastated when I was informed that M1 has no longer unlimited data plan available anymore. Haiz.. The last time I asked in January, they still had it. They don't even have multi-line benefit so I am considering jumping ship to Singtel since Singtel has an internet plan without the USB stick device and that will be about $10 cheaper per month as compared to M1's plan which includes the USB stick device. I think my 2 year old device is still fine. Of course my last resort is not to recontract and hope that I am still able to continue with my old-and-discontinued slow but unlimited internet.

Took 1 dose of Pacofen and I felt slightly better after taking a short nap although I still feel that things are a bit "shaky". WIll take another dose before bedtime and hopefully everything will be okay tomorrow morning.. Sigh..

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