Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am exteremely tired as work pissed me off last week. It was almost a 730am-630pm daily and I did not get anything for OT, mind you! It was so tiring that my thigh muscles were unable to support me standing anymore. On Saturday, I was just extremely exhausted and I did not have any energy to speed up my picking. It is just sickening when manpower is short and the available ones are so lousy!

It was Free Comic Day yesterday and at 1 PM, my friend messaged me that the Free Comic Day giveaways were fully claimed. Lol I was still at work. Anyway I decided to go to Kinokuniya to buy something utilising the 20%. I wanted to buy Legend of Zelda Hyrule Hystoria, Avengers Kree Skrull War, Infinity Gauntlet, and some random Japanese artbook (which turned out to be Nurarihyon no Mago or Nura: The Rise of Yokai Clan as its English title). I was teasing my friend to lend me his DC comics as I am a Marvel while he is a DC fan. Even though I was damn tired, thank goodness I decided to say yes. As I needed to go to his place, I decided not to buy anything from Kino as it would be to heavy.
I played PS3 a bit and that was my first time touching a PS3.. T_T Tears of joy.. Haha.. Anyway I decided to borrow his Justice League comics. I just prefer stories where there were lots of superheroes rather than buying individual superheroes. It was a reboot of the old Justice League with the art being redrawn. Superman finally followed 21st century fashion and stops wearing his underwear outside. Lol. Anyway, the books are pretty good. I enjoyed the fight while the story is a bit.. erm.. there is no story actually. Haha.. In my opinion, it is like a reverse of Marvel which tends to have pretty good solid but pretty lousy action.
New 52 Justice League
I downloaded Kree Skrull War and Infinity Gauntlet. Done reading Infinity Gauntlet and I am glad I did not buy it lol. The story is quite engaging but the action is dumb ass haha.. Only done with 1st part of Kree Skrull War as I was too tired last night.

Even my sleep did not restore my energy and I woke up still in a bad mood. There was a heavy storm which made me stuck at home. Only ate my Ferrero as my lunch. I was very irritated by my sister. Haiz.. I have to give her credit for coordinating and organising almost all aspect of our coming Europe trip. But she kept disturbing me over small matters and the worst part is I am in terribly bad mood today and extremely pissed off with her.

To be honest, I am quite easy going when it comes to travelling. Usually I will just let others organise and I will just follow. My sister keeps asking me where I want to go and what I want to see etc etc. But when she wants me to decide down to the details like which hotels, which timing, bla bla bla, I get very irritated. Okay, it's partly my bad because I am just LAZY to organise and I am fine as long as she does not make non-sensical choices like taking overnight train or choosing some rundown hotel to stay. 

Itinerary was decided already so I was extremely angry when she still asked which type of train ticket I want: point-to-point of free pass. Bleah.. See the itinerary and decide according la. I don't want want to answer because I know what is coming next: but this one costs XXX and that one costs YYY. Grrr.. I just don't like it when someone wants everything with limited resources. Please decided on your priorities!! Bah!! Best part is asking me how when the website only accepts European Credit Card. It is not as if I can do anything right? There are few options: 1) ask our aunt to help us buy or 2) we buy when we reach there and don't care about the fucking price because there is no other option!! Bah.. After all the messages, she told me that the travel agent could help with booking but there is extra admin fee of 5 Euro per ticket. When I heard that, I felt like banging my head. If right from the start there is such option, I will just choose that option! Yes 5 Euro admin fee seems pricey but please, there is no other fucking choice so the only bad choice is our only choice! Faints...

Bleah.. I foresee this coming week to be another bad week as I am still feeling very tired and very angry about my work situation. Haiz haiz haiz.. So much for emotion control when my physical state just clouds my mind!

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