Sunday, May 12, 2013


After done with "Last Friends", I chose to rewatch "Nodame Cantabile" to lift up my mood. It is not normal for me to rewatch an anime or a dorama series but Nodame does not disappoint! After all this time, I still find it hilarious and I literally laughed out loud to many of the scenes. The classical pieces are still very nice to watch even though once in a while I listen to their mp3.

On the first episode, Saiko sang an interesting song. I normally hate classical pieces which have vocal. High pitch, screeching, operatic noises in foreign languages just sound irritating to me. But this one is quite interesting. The title is "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen". No idea what languange it is in but its translation is "Hell's vengeance boils in my heart". It is a song written by Mozart for the opera The Magic Flute. It is more known as Queen of the Night Aria as the full title is too mouthful.

With the acting, she seems to be singing this effortlessly. Love "" part. Whatever.. Haha

So what can be more amazing to watch than this? It is when the same song being sung by a 14 year old boy. Yes.. B-O-Y! Sounds impossible but true. Listening to this sounds okay but watching it looks like the guy is in a bit of pain to hit the super high notes. Anyway, I thought at 14, most boys would have their voice broken already so it is quite something for this guy to be able to sing this. Btw, his voice has broken and is very deep now. Would love to see him trying this again with his manly voice.

I could not remember how but I was somehow led to Britain's Got Talent 2012 video. Yup, I am being 1 year behind. Haha.. I always find it lame when I saw Nodame crying whenever she watches Chiaki's orchestra. Now I know that it is not impossible that music touches you to the point of crying. I actually shed tears when I watched this video.

At the beginning, I heard "33 members". Actually, it said 133 members. Haha.. Well, the song choice itself is powerful and although nothing fanciful or overly technical with the singing, there is just something powerful when so many people combine their voices. What makes it more touching is that this is not a "professional" choir group or something. Only Boys Aloud is formed as an avenue for the young males in South Wales to make better use of their time. According the their website, they don't even do audition as they want to include as many as possible.

Okay and below is their performance in the semi-final.

Apparently Britain's Got Talent 2012 had another gem: Jonathan and Charlotte. Their audition somehow reminds us of Susan Boyle's. People laughed and jeered at Jonathan's appearance but when he started singing, his voice just blew everyone away.

Initially I thought they were siblings but I heard wrongly. They are actually friends and something is just unusual and magical about their friendship. I mean it is not normal for a pretty girl to be that nice to a shy big-sized guy and it is lovely for the guy not to "dump" her despite his Pavarotti-level vocal because he appreciates the girl's support. Great to see that Charlotte improve a lot and in the end they released an album as a duet :) Below is their semi-final performance.

Surprisingly, Jonathan & Charlotte emerged as runner-up and Only Boys Aloud in the third position. The winner for last year's Britain's Got Talent is a dog show -_-" I don't deny that the dog is talented bla bla bla but I just find it ridiculous that a dog beat these singers.

Anyways, I love this set of judges. Alesha and David are more like-able than Piers Morgan. Alesha has a smexy accent too! It is lovely to hear her speaking. Haha.. And I thought Simon changed a lot. He is much more composed and calm when giving his comments. And standing ovation from him even during auditions stage?? Wow.. That was unimaginable in the previous seasons.. I better follow this year's run as soon as possible! Haha..

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