Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement is a relatively old news but last Sunday was his officially last day of his 27 years tenure as the manager of Manchester United. I stopped watching soccer not long after MU's treble in 1998-1999 and I merely followed soccer news. That makes MU as the only soccer team that I am a fan of. Haha.. The Champions League final was still fresh in my memory: how I slept on my sofa to make sure that I did not oversleep and miss the match, how I hid behind the fridge when my dad went down to have a drink (and he was like "WTF are you doing??!!" when he caught me there, how I was jumping around quietly so as not to wake everyone in my house when finally MU won. Haha.. Well, I was still a 12 year old kid then and staying awake for a soccer match at 2am was just something bizarre.

Despite his idiosyncracies, nobody can deny how great Fergie is as a manager. It is too long to list his achivements so let the picture below summarise it. However, something I am really impressed with him is how he can nurture the young talents and make them into great players under his wings.

Since it is MU's 20th Premier League title, they call themselves Champ20ns this time. Considering Robin van Persie's tremendous contribution for this season, it is no wonder that they come up with the image below. Hmm.. looks like RvP successfully fulfils his aim to help MU win the 20th Premier League title with his choice of no 20.

It will be interesting to see how MU will be post-Fergie era. Will MU remain a successful team? Or is it all Fergie's golden touch? Oh ya, by the way, Paul Scholes is also retiring!! I think that leaves Ryan Giggs from the team which won the 1998-1999 treble!

As promised, I searched for 2013 Britain's Got Talent videos and it was greatly disappointing as compared to last year. I can't find anything exceptionally good, exceptionally touching, or exceptionally funny so that was a bummer. There are plenty of solo (+guitar) singing acts which are not something I really enjoy. I will only mention 3 acts which I thought was touching, entertaining, and cool respectively.

First is Mother & Son. Okay, it was Mothers' Day on last Sunday so this is quite bittersweet to watch. The son seems to be embarrassed having to perform with his mum (well, you will know why when you hear her sing). He claimed to be nervous during the pre-show and on stage, he was visibly distressed especially when the crowd started laughing at her mum and the buzzer was pressed. However, he held himself together and did his part quite well (the crowd agreed with me here!) actually. I am just wondering whether the mum is tagging or dragging the son for the audition. Anyways, what I think so sweet about this is how the mum shows her pride with the son when he started singing as well as the end when she "slapped" his arm. Aaah.. mum's love is always the best in the world.

Second is The Duelling Pianos which I think is something new and fresh. It is a good variety from the typical singing and dancing acts. I don't know what songs they are playing. They sound simple but the cheerful tunes successfully made the audience clap and cheer so that was something. And as Ant & Dec mentioned, it is something worth mentioning that they got 3 Yes-es after 3 buzzes.

And the last one is Luminites. They just sound wicked, especially the beatbox! When I heard this for the first time without watching the video, I thought it was a band act. They are actually only having a guitar with them! Not my type of song or voice but their voices blend well together for a great act.

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