Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Failed Lent..

Sucks.. it is not even halfway through Lent and I am already failing in few things that I wish to abstain from. During stocktake last Saturday, someone brought Doritos and did not finish it. Before she left, she put the leftover in a container. I finished it after my dinner time. So ya, there goes my abstinence from junk food.

I went for my wisdom tooth extraction on Monday and was advised to eat soft food for this few days. I decided to have cereals and thus off I went to supermarket. Gosh.. There is an ongoing promotion for Kettles potato chips until 31 March. Emooo... I admit that I am damn tempted. And darn it! Just nice that it is Easter Sunday on 31 March. So just nice that I will miss the promotion. Darn!

I also failed to persevere from not buying anything hobby-related this Lenten season as I bought a few more Marvel comics on Monday. Initially I was interested in buying 6 books so I thought I should wait for a 20% sale as the savings would be quite significant. Only 3 were available in Kino so I decided to just buy these 3. My reason is that at least with me buying these, there is nothing more that I am looking for and I won't be distracted anymore. Plus 1 book was the last copy and another 1 was left with 2 copies so I did not want to take the risk of them being sold out when the sale comes. I should have followed by gut feelings.. Sale is nearby and when I went home, I received an email from Kinokuniya 20% Sale for purchase through their bookweb. Darn!!

Today came another temptation from Starbucks. For each purchase of beverage, members can get Starbucks Mini Card which is loaded with free 2 beverages. In short, it is buy 1 get 3 right? The promotion starts today until 24th April while stocks last. I doubt that stocks will last even until end March, don't even say April. Bleah.. Furthermore, there is no limit in the number of mini cards people can buy. Knowing the kiasu people here, perhaps everything will be wiped out by the end of the week.

Why? Why? Why? Why do temptations come during Lent? Why don't these things happen at other times when I don't need to abstain from anything? Haiz.. Of course sometimes I wonder why I am all these things sia.. I mean what's the point in suffering for these 40 days and then I live like a glutton at other times of the years? No, I am not scared of sins or whatever.. It is something more personal than that. It is a matter of self discipline and integrity. I make a few promises. Can't I just bear with these 40 days and not break these promises? Haiz.. emo...

Anyway, I am glad that I am given 2 days MC for my wisdom tooth extraction. Hehe.. 1 more tooth at the end of the month and I will get MC for 25th and 26th. A bit pissed about this because I am flying off on the 27th after work. If only this has been planned since long time ago, I will just take leave on that day and I can fly home from 25th afternoon.

Haiz.. looks like it is really a bad year. Nothing good has happened to me for the past year. Always unlucky events after events.. I even feel like giving up on all these religion things altogether.

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