Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lent 2013 Report Card

Happy Easter!! Jesus Christ is risen Alleluia!! With Easter, Lent finally came to an end and it is time to bring up the report card of my Lenten resolutions.

1. Abstaining from online shopping for my hobbies -- F(ail!)
This was doomed to fail right from the start when I suddenly had the urge to get Avengers: Civil War and X-men Dark Phoenix Saga on the day before Lent. I aimed to wait until Kinokuniya member 20% sale to get it but I could not wait until the sale and I bought the books. Worse, when the sale really came a few weeks later, I bought even more X-men books.

And on the final week of Lent, I finally gave up with this resolution. I am back to my old sinful self. I bought a lot of things online: from Prince of Tennis figures, Young Avengers comics, etc. Sigh..

2. Abstaining from bubble tea -- A :)
I completed this resolution with perfect score. Not an A+ because there was few occasions when I was tempted to get oreo soya milk from the stall near my workplace with the excuse "soya milk is healthy" but with God's grace, I managed not to do so. Other than that, I was totally not tempted to get bubble tea, even when the new store was having an opening promotion of Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

3. Abstaining from Starbucks and Coffee Beans -- B
This was quite scary. Within the first few days of Lent, I received an email from Starbucks about Starbucks Mini card promotion which would be loaded with 2 complementary beverages. I thought buying 1 drink would get me 2 free ones and I was damn tempted. Thank goodness I did not succumb because I read the promotion wrongly. Lol.. The actual promotion is actually to purchase 18 drinks from March to mid-April to get this Starbucks Mini card. Okay, that is too much haha.. No urge to buy Coffee Beans at all for the past 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, right on the Easter eve, I succumbed to buying J.Co frappucino when I saw the banner of buy 1 get 1 free with BII card and my mum has it. The promotion ended today and I flew back here this morning and had no chance to enjoy this anymore. So I just bought it lor. Oh ya, I actually went home since last Wednesday. Anyways, the green tea frappe was quite good. Oops..

While it is not technically Starbucks or Coffee Beans or when I was in Singapore, I still consider this as a failure on my part. Haiz..

4. Abstaining from potato chips -- F(ail!)
I knew since the beginning of March the promo for Kettle would end right on Easter day and I would miss the chance to buy it. Everything went smoothly until the week before my second (and last) wisdom tooth extraction. I decided to just buy since I would not have any chance to eat good food after my extraction. Sigh.. and it was not only Kettle but I also bought many other chips. Darn..

Truthfully, I thought it was pretty awful results for me. Sigh.. The worst thing was that I skipped mass on the 5th Sunday of Lent. Life sucks yada yada but that was not a good reason for me to skip mass that week. I actually wanted to skip today (Easter Sunday mass zomg!!) because I felt tired after my flight. With such sinful thought, bad thing happened to me. I accidentally splashed boiling water on my right hand. Bleah.. I was so upset.. Then suddenly it rained heavily. I decided to take a nap and if it still rained, I would just skip mass to nurse my burnt hand. Surprisingly, less than an hour later, there was no sign of rain at all. How unbelivable!! No more excuse so in the end I went la.. Haha..

Okay, that's all for now. Will write about my trip home and my most recent shopping spree in a few days time. And I am always wondering why Christmas is merry and Easter is happy. So.. I wish everyone a Merry Easter. Lol!

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Anonymous said...

It's comforting to know that somebody else didn't keep all their could I carry on with my Lenten sacrifice of chocolate when I went on holiday to Greece with marvelous displays of ice-cream?