Saturday, March 2, 2013


Money money money.. Seriously.. What am I woking for if not to spend the money? Spending money for things I don't want always makes me emo. I just had a filling for my tooth which cost me $135 on Friday. After so much time spent for brushing and taking care of my teeth for the past many years, the inevitable still came. I knew it was just a matter of time because the affected tooth is the one where food often got stuck. I knew it because everytime I flossed my teeth, there was always a large chunk of food there. Haiz.. Anyway, with the crown of the tooth being wider than the body underneath, it is just impossible for food not to get stuck there. I should instead perhaps be happy that the problem was caught early before it caused me pain or another root canal.

I am scheduled for 2 rounds of wisdom teeth extraction. My top wisdom teeth are growing at an alarming rate and they do not have any teeth at the bottom. It is another timebomb that they will keep growing and hit the lower gum to cause pain or they will cause the teeth next to it rot because it is impossible to reach the gap between. The estimated cost for each extraction is $180. Yea.. that will be a total of about $500 in this month just for my oral issues. Haiz.. On the less emo side of the coin, I should be glad that these would only be extractions instead of surgeries!!

Paying income tax is a milestone to adulthood. I received the letter to file my tax starting 1 March. I still saw zeroes on the website. My company is supposed to submit to me but I still saw nothing leh. Bleah.. I asked my senior and her first tax was about $300. Since our pays are in the same pathetic range, I thought I would be paying somethere around the amount. Looks like I am wrong. If my housing allowance and bonuses are also calculated as income, I may be paying double or triple than what I expected leh! Haha.. and that is still after the 30% tax rebate. Zomg!! Oh well, no point in thinking about things which I can't change right? I will still have to pay anyway. Haha..

Earlier this week I was impressed with Les Miserables' cast performance in this year's Academy Awards. Look what I found from the Academy 20 years ago. Yup, this is from 65th Academy Awards in 1993: Brad Kane & Lea Salonga singing A Whole New World. I never expect that magic flying carpet already existed back then. And I love the festive Arabic marketplace theme on stage. Love the costumes worn by the two of them too although I think it would have been more awesome if Lea wore Jasmine's dress. Haha I think a bit too revealing. The music arrangement is something fresh but does not butcher the original song.. Hoho.. A Whole New World won the Best Song for that year I think.

The way the magic carpet flies is just surreal..

Of course I am happy because Aladdin is my favourite Disney's cartoon from 1990s. Unlike the other Disney's cartoons back then, the main character is a guy (a small boy won't like Disney princesses that much rite? Haha) and the Jasmine is a bad ass princess, unlike the typical miserable Disney princesses.

And another piece from them: We Could Be In Love. Aaah the 90s.. the songs are nice although they are simple.. Simply relying on the vocal prowess of the singers.. Unlike nowadays..

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