Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Academy Awards 2013

I realised that I have not been writing about what's going with my life for the past week so it is time for that now. The air tickets for my August trip to Europe had been purchased. Fiuh.. Have to apply for visa but the application is only possible at least 3 months before the departure so at least 1 less thing to worry at the moment. Ah, and while talking about air ticket, I am absolutely angry with myself for buying the April ticket so early. I spent close to $170 for my April trip. And guess what: Jetstar is having post CNY sale! Damn! If I were only to buy it now, it would cost me less than half of what I paid initially T_T Sigh.. Of course complaining and cursing will not help and I can only accept. After all, as what people say, you don't complain to a shop for having a sale when you buy the same thing for the full price a day before the sale. Lesson learnt: next year wait for post-CNY sale before buying April ticket.

The blood test results from last November are finally out and they are delightful results. Frankly, I am quite amazed that with my shitty lifestyle for the past year, all the cholesterol and sugar results are okay. Haha.. Well, that is inside the body. Outside the body, I cannot lie that I am not getting fat and physically more and more unattractive. Weight is going up and waist circumference is expanding. Gosh.. gotta start exercising leh :( I was so happy when the sun was out on Sunday and I thought the rainy season was gone for good. I was wrong. It was stormy again yesterday and today evening. Bye bye to my jogging plan although even if it is not rainy, I doubt that I have the energy to run.

Academy Awards or the Oscars 2013 was on last Sunday. I just would like to share the Les Miserables cast singing a live medley.

Anyway, congrats to Anne Hathaway for winning the Oscars for her role in Les Miserables. I think her win is overshadowed by her wardrobe malfunction. Sigh.. I just realised that she had one in December during the premiere of Les Miserables. And that was much worse because she accidentally flashed her private parts when alighting from her limo. Sigh.. I don't understand why she did not wear any panties sia.. And I think the sadder part that despite the embarrassment, she still had to smile as if nothing happened on the red carpet.. Bah..

And another hilarious video from the Oscars below. I still can't believe that this is in a big event like Oscars. Haha.. Quite crude but then it speaks nothing but the truth :p Again, no HD video.

We Saw Your Boobs

The new season of Amazing Race have begun. Quite disappointed that the teams I like are almost out. The twin doctors were out on the 2nd leg. Sigh.. Again, luck is always an important factor. Apparently one of the twins have problems with water and the challenge on the 2nd leg involved diving. I won't call them dumb, lousy, etc. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and they just happen to be unlucky that the challenge here is the one they have phobia off.

I also like the Father - Son team: Dave and Connor. Both are cancer survivors. Sigh.. The son is only 21 years old and I still could not believe it that he survived a testicular cancer at that age. Haiz.. Life is cruel. This team is likely to be eliminated next week. Dave ruptured is Achilles tendon when sprinting to the finishing mat on the 2nd episode. Bleah.. I can't understand why the need to chiong to the mat for the first prize and risking an injurly like this.. The focus should be on the 1 million, shouldn't it? Oh well, kiasu people always put in effort in wrong things bah.. I just hope that the injury was not serious and they could still continue leh..

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