Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Water Snake Year 2013!

On Friday, I had this man who insisted that he was not given 1 box of medicine. That is 100 tablets. Luckily for us, it was still within a month and we still had our CCTV recording which clearly showed that it was given. After telling him that, he still insisted otherwise and wanted that 1 box for free. I called for help from the operations manager who advised me to bring the guy to watch the recording. After both of us spoke to him, he refused to watch and he changed his story: he just wanted the medicine and he would pay! Cool.. Guess what he said after I processed everything: I know you guys think that I am trying to cheat you all. But it is actually you guys who are cheating me! He said that twice -_-" Not only that, here comes the ultimate words: In the name of Jesus, I forgive you. Sigh.. God, please just quickly end this world.. It is just amazing that someone still dare to invoke Your name after lying and accusing other people for something we never do. Serious, what is wrong about these people!!

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Year of Water Snake. Based on feng shui prediction, it will be quite a bad year for my zodiac. But well, with everything new, it is normal for people to wish that things will be getting better compared to the previous one.

The New Year falls on Sunday so I was expecting a half-empty mass today. I was wrong. The crowd was no different from the normal Sunday crowd. Wow! I was quite surprised. Haha.. And I take the opportunity to rest today. I downloaded Music Station 18 January 2013 episode which has One Direction. Okay I am not a fan of them but it is always interesting to see Western celebrities when they visit Japan. Sexy Zone was in that episode too so it would be quite interesting how One Direction would react to that sexy name. Lol.. Nothing was particularly interesting so I deleted the file after watching.

I came across this One Direction Japan Party. This mini concert took place in 19 January which was a day after the Music Station. When asked what songs they were currently into, they mentioned that as a group they were into Sexy Zone songs. Haha.. I am sure they only heard it once on the day before in Music Station. Lol.. They were only able to catch the English words in the lyrics haha..

Okay that's all for now. My first wish for the Snake year is for me to be able to sell away my Rinoa & Siren statue and FF VIII Guradian Forces ArtFX Kotobukiya. I have put them both on international eBay. Sigh.. I just realised that regardless the duration of sale, the eBay fee is the same! What a waste to put up Rinoa & Siren just for 7 days when I could put them up for 30 days for the same fee!! Please God.. Let them both be sold :( I really need space haiz..

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