Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gundam Wing goodies

Earlier this month, I bought 2 Gundam Wing books which I have not owned yet. As I was about to leave feedback for the seller, something unexpected appeared under the suggestion. That is the Gundam Wing Clothes Change Cell!! It is an item produced by Movic in 1995. That was my first time ever seeing it on eBay. There was no bidder so I immediately BINned it! BIN stands for Buy It Now! Haha.. I think the BIN price is about $5 more than the starting bid price but I just did not want to spend a few days worrying whether I could get it or I could get outbidded. Haha.. So yeap.. Cool.. It is in fact very difficult to get information about the item. I don't know how much the original price is. I paid USD 39.99 for it.. Well, perhaps ignorance is a bliss.

From the same seller, there was an even bigger surprise: a Gundam Wing Music Box!! I never even knew about its existence!! According to the seller, it was also produced by Movic in 1996. It plays "Just Communication" by Two Mix which is the first opening of Gundam Wing anime. Not exactly my favourite song but I gotta have it! Haha.. Starting price was quite pricey at USD 49.99. Thank God I won it with USD 50.99. Again, no info on this thing online so I don't know how much I overpaid for it. On the sticker at the box, there are 2 numbers "0296" and "2300". Does this mean the price was originally 2300 yen and it is limited production and mine is the number 0296?? I guess I will never know.

Ultimately, the shipping cost was the killer at USD 42.02 -__- But oh well, items arrived in good condition in 10 days.. Better than my other items which had been shipped from a month before but still yet to arrive until now T_T

Here are the pictures. The Clothes Change Cell pictures are courtesy of allaboutgundamwing.com and the music box picture is courtesy of the seller.

Casual Wear
Folk Costume? No idea where Trowa is coming from..
OZ Uniform

School Uniform
Swim Wear.. More like Underwear to me.. Anyway this is the "base" cel with the face and body.. The other cels are just the clothes.
Gundam Wing Music Box

How it sounds..

And this is completely unrelated by I am rewatching Gundam SeeD. Lol.. I don't know why I am not so into it although I find that it has the most solid story line among the Gundam series which I ever watched. Haha..


Sarah Lackenby said...

I've just got hold of a music Box and it says 2300 on it and 0296 on the sticker.

darkrose said...

Thanks for the info! That means the numbers do not mean anything. Haha..

Adeline Richards said...

Consider your snag for the music box at that price decent compared to what this one is listed at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/anime-gundam-wing-music-box-heero-yuy-duo-maxwell-trowa-quatre-wufei-RARE-/191654214811?hash=item2c9f7b3c9b The seller wants $419.99 with free shipping. I think the music box sounds beautiful, and is very nostalgic for me, but not for $400. @__@

darkrose said...

Yup I saw that on eBay too. $400 is crazy. I will not pay that much even if I like Gundam Wing very much. About $100 will the the max for me.

Sarah Lackenby said...

Yikes, I think I snagged mine for £50, got lucky I guess.

darkrose said...

£50 is a pretty good price.
I just got my second one in October this year for about USD 55 (including shipping). Sadly, it has creaking noise when the music is playing :(