Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bad start of Lent

Bah.. I am sorry for the sudden change of tone. I had a bad day today so I hate my fucking job.. and I hate my fucking life.. and so I hate the one who created my fucking life.

I had gastric discomfort because of the "fasting" yesterday. I hate gastric pain! Yes I hate it even more than flu. Sigh.. I personally do not see the point of this fasting because honestly, even in my normal days, I eat vegetarian food more often than meat-containing food. So it was quite upsetting when yesterday (the day I was supposed to avoid meat), the vegetarian stall was not open. Bleah.. I hate being fat so even in my normal days, I already ask for less rice. To eat even less than my usual less is simply too much. The shitty thing is that everything goes perfectly fine usually.. so why the heck must I got the gastric pain on the day of fasting? Devil's play? Temptations? Or simply because my body sucks? I don't know..

To make me feel shittier, today one fucktard from last week returned. Okay I hate this fucking bitch and I also hate my company for being ultimately anal about customer service and complaint. I mean come on, seriously this is a fucking bitch.. If you want to complain, you should complain from the start i.e last week and your complaint should be consistent. Hey, I also like to complain, okay! But when I complain, my story never changes. So this idiot bitch came one week later and she kept changing her stories. Last week she said "Why should I count? It is your job!".. Today she said it was okay to count. Last week she said she was fine with coming back for medication shortage because she did not want to count. Today she said that would be inconvenient. And best, now came the part I hate most: me being rude (or "curt" was the word she said) and then she felt that I was blaming her. To quote her silly words "His face is like blaming me!". Seriously, this type of people are disgusting. After unable to get what they want, they will keep changing their stories (plus throwing in some of their imagination) and when everything fails, the final weapon is their subjective sensitivity: someone being rude, someone being loud, someone being impolite bla bla bla.

Okay at least she admitted that she was the one SHOUTING last week (after blaming me to trigger her shouting). Jeez.. I had at least 2 witnesses next to me who supported me that I did not lose my temper or being rude last week. To be honest, I am very honest and fair. When I had my first complaint last year, I accepted it because yes I admitted that I lost my temper and was being rude. I got nothing to hide and I saw no need to defend myself as I was clearly at fault (okay that stupid couple was partly at fault too.. they should learn English) But this time? Fucking NO! Is it my fault for someone to be extremely sensitive? My face is like this so I am sorry if you find my facial expression as BLAMING you. I never even know there is such an expression before.

I did not even ask why you lost your fucking tablets. In fact, I apologised (for not even my fault) that this was the second time happening to her again. So I informed her what we plan to do in the future to prevent this from happening again: making her count the tablets as well. So she apparently took it as me blaming her and then all her shouting began. If she found me being curt, maybe it was because I was trying to compete against her hysterical shouting.

Anyway, in the end, she counted her bloody tablets today! And I surely hope she would be short again in the coming 3 months. See what stunt she will throw the next time.. Fucking bitch!

Okay I am sorry God for the failed Lent.. Sigh.. Perhaps I should abstain from saying the F-word next year..

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