Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Festive February

On the first day of CNY, I thought "Wew.. What a long holiday.. 2 more days to go". Yesterday I suddenly felt "Oh shit.. 1 more day!". And today it was like "What the fuck?! I thought CNY is a 2-week affair. Why am I back to work tomorrow? T_T". Anyway, love it or hate it, it is reality that life is back to normal tomorrow. :( I finished watching Atashinchi no Danshi during this short break and I shall write about it later this week.

CNY is not yet over and tomorrow it is already Ash Wednesday. Lent is here and Easter is just somewhere at the corner. On Thursday, it is another special day.. although for singles like me, it remains a Thursday. Haha..

While thinking about Lent resolution, yesterday's news about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation came as a big shock. I think majority of people has always thought that it is an office for life. Well, can't help it since the last time a Pope resigned was more than 500 years ago. Anyway regardless of what people say, I have my hats off for him to take that decision. I think it is a difficult decision to accept that oneself is getting weaker due to age to continue on being a leader of 1.2 billion people in this world. One interesting about the news of this resignation is how suddenly people are mentioning about Prophecy of the Popes by Saint Malachi. Seriously, this is my first time hearing about it. Wiki it if you are interested in knowing more about it as I am lazy to write about it. Haha.. Anyway, the "gist" is that according to this Prophecy, it will be one more Pope before the End. Yes, a capital E there.. Oh well, when the time comes, it will come. Only the Father knows about it.

I have decided about my Lent resolution for this year. The last time I had such strong resolution was a few years back when I found myself getting too addicted to various facebook games. Can't remember whether I succedeed or failed.. Perhaps I will re-read my old blog posts for more info about it. Again, this time I feel that I am helpless and hopeless with my latest addiction: online toy shopping. Bah.. A lot of money has been spent for toys and I am running out of space already :( It has to stop!! So for the next 40 days, I will not check Amazon.com, Yahoo! Auctions, eBay (except to sell my items), etc. I certainly hope I will succeed and this can continue even after Easter.. On top of that, I also aim to avoid any potato chips, bubble tea, and Starbucks etc for this coming Lent. I am not so much into these things but I realise that when I have nothing to do, the first thing my brain tells me is to buy these things to fill my time. Haiz.. Bad effort..

Well, it starts tomorrow.. It is not going to be easy but I think I should be able to. Of course, Lent is not about abstaining from things. It has to serve a bigger purpose which unfortunately, I am still thnking about. What difference will it make by abstaining from these things? Will I have more time to focus on God? Will I have more money to help others?

Anyway, there is an exception that I will make for the no shopping thing. I think I will buy Marvel Civil War and X-men Dark Phoenix Saga collections. Haha.. The reason is I wanted to buy these books today. But then I realised that usually Kinokuniya has post-CNY 20% member sale. So I should "delay" my purchase today until the sale.. Hmm.. suppose this year there is no post-CNY sale, then I should just buy these books when the next sale arrives. Hehe..

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