Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bora Bora

The first time I heard the name being mentioned in the Amazing Race, I was like "Huh? Where are they going? Mordor?". Lol.. I could only catch the "or.. or.." sound. Anyway Bora Bora is an island at the French Polynesia region. Out of the few seasons of Amazing Race that I watched, perhaps this is the first time that watching it makes me very very interested to visit the place.

The environment looks very pristine with clean beaches and emerald clear water bodies. Is this heaven on earth? Haha.. I actually don't really enjoy beaches but looking at these scenic places, I just can't help but drool. In addition, there seems to be tonnes of fun activities like sky diving and various water activities. I think I am daring enough to do sky diving. Haha.. The instructor is actually tagging along above you so you can just enjoy the jump and trust your life in his hands. Haha.. Ironically, I find bungee jumping scarier because there is nobody jumping with you. Lol..
Bought it for close to $60 many years ago. Sold it for $10 only T_T
Sorry Kitties.. Not really a fan of you.. Gotta let you go to free up more space.. Hamburglar and Ronald's costumes are cute though.
I am glad to announce that I managed to sell away Eragon/Eldest boxed set and Hello Kitty set from McDonalds. Sigh.. I am still waiting for some kind soul to purchase my damaged Rinoa and my full set of Final Fantasy VIII Guardian Forces Kotobukiya ArtFX. I want to buy the Japanese version to get the Ragnarok leh :'( Crossing my fingers.

I am feeling old.. Sigh.. Yesterday the guy volunteer (I don't know what he is volunteering for) at my workplace came to approach me. Apparently he just finished army and is waiting to enter university. He is interested in healthcare with medicine as first priority. Oh well, I actually only left the university 2 years ago.. That means I am at least 6 years older than him.. Damn bloody old!! Anyway, I asked him whether he would be trying for dentistry. He shared the sentiment as me: not interested as it only involves mouth!! Grrah.. perhaps that was my biggest regret: not trying for dentistry. Among the healthcare providers, I think dentistry are the most balanced. Well, at least the patients can't talk/shout/scream at them when they are immobilised with mouth open ma. Haha..

Well, this young chap is still noble: he wants to do something which helps people. That is why he prefers medicine or pharmacy to dentistry. Haha.. As I was in my coat, I have to be politically correct and not spill out 1001 reasons to make him change his mind. He retook his A-levels for better chance in getting into medicine. Results will be out this Friday so all the best to him. Perhaps we need more noble doctors like him. Oh and another interesting thing, he used to be an Indonesian too!! Haha.. But he has been here since 3 years old.

Okay that was random but I enjoy knowing more people at workplace. It makes working feels less lonely.

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