Thursday, February 7, 2013

Being antisocial is not always a bad thing. I was quite shocked and sad to find that my spending for food in January was 30% more than usual. The increase was just because I went out on 3 different occasions to catch up with different friends. Woah.. Can't imagine if I am a social butterfly or I have a girlfriend.. How much money will be spent simply on food and transport etc sia?? Not to mention how much fatter I will be too.

Money problem was further aggravated when I saw auctions for a full set of Japanese FF VIII Guardian Force ArtFX Kotobukiya which comes with Ragnarok pieces. Suddenly I regret having collected the US version which does not have the Ragnarok pieces. Gotta admit that I am greedy! To complete even the US version for about $500+ inclusive shipping is actually already a good bargain!! Oh well, now I am putting this on sale on eBay Singapore. Still no takers :( I am also thinking of selling my damaged FF VIII Transcendent Artist's Collection Rinoa & Siren. This is my first item which I listed on international eBay. It cost me USD 0.62 for listing it for 7 days. Still no takers :( Haiz I really hope I can get rid of these 2 to get more space leh..

Work has not been without problems too. I hate it when people have "with us" or "against us" kind of mentality. Seriously, can't everyone just be friends with one another? Bleah.. I always try to be fair, to be friendly to everyone, to be strict to everyone too. So I was quite stunned when some people think that I belong to a clique. Oh well.. That is kinda ironic. I thought I was not particularly close to any group but people think otherwise. No wonder I am always alone and lonely. Perhaps my standard for "closeness" is just too high. I don't know..

Anyway, this incident at least taught me something: being thick-skinned is not always a bad thing. I mean I know I am quite thick-skinned. I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I know people will always bitch about one another. I know people will talk back about how I am very petty with details.. about how I suck at work because of my language disabilities etc. But who cares? I have strenghts that these bitches don't have. Everyone has their + and -. Do not try to condemn and put me down unless you are perfect. Of course it is always sad to know people talk back behind you but at least I am not as affected as my colleagues who are more sensitive.

Today was particularly a bad day. Bleah.. I faced 2 fucktards and potential complaint cases. Haiz.. it is tiring to put up a brave and smiley face when facing fucktards. The first one really made blood boil while the second fucktard made me want to boil her in my boiling blood. I am to lazy to recall the details as the idiocy of people from the lower strata of society is simply beyond reasoning. And nowadays, the trend is "not to stop at 2". So here comes another 3rd fucktard via phone. He called on behalf of the wife who claimed short of medications. How on earth people can help if you don't even know what medicines that your wife was short. The best laughable answer was given "I don't know what medicines.. It is not my medicines.. Can you call my wife instead? I am busy". Wow.. all that after all the rudeness and even banging the phone when the doctor tried to call.. I called the wife and it was just shocking that such a reasonable lady is married to such an asshole. Anyway, tomorrow the asshole will appear and let's see what will happen.

I apologise for showing off now. There is one thing which at least boosts my ego a bit this week. Quality Manager of my company was vacant for the past many months and they could not seem to find replacement. I heard someone recommended me.. Well obviously I don't get it. Not even in my most remote imagination that I will be in HQ with my less than 1 year of working experience. I am not close to the one who recommended me. Last year, I was asked to help her with some work for a nursing home. Well, I just did what I thought was best for my help. I just did not expect that she thought I did a great job and saw my potential. Oh well, I just hope that I will always do my best in whatever I do and sooner or later I will be "talent-spotted", instead of by nepotism, to get out of my current place. Bleah.. Sick of facing fucking fucktards everyday.

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